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    Hi everyone! I’m here again with my last minute posts. Sorry... Anyway, i’ve made this illustration for this month’s prompt. That girl is supposed to be me. LOL 😂 When i was young, i wanted to be a popstar and would sing to every visitor that would come by our house. I really thought I sounded good at that time but looking back at it, I was just sputtering gibberish and my voice was atrocious. Hopeful, by now, it’s not that bad. I made this piece because my portfolio really lack an in-door scene plus i wanted to do a period piece and experiment with the lighting.

    I really wanted to post my process and ask for your guys’ thoughts early on but i was really pressed for time and decided to go with my gut. But now that I’ve reached this far, I would like to hear your opinions/critiques. Please let me know if there’s anything you think I should work on more. I will definitely consider all of your advice. Thank you very much.

  • Lovely style and composition. Take my critique with a hefty grain of salt. I think she could be a bit darker? Values all seem middle-ish. It works for me, but my preference is a touch more contrast. That cat is hilarious but it's very un-cat-like in it's behaviour. Zooming in, I love the texture of the line, (and how you've got just line over soft color in the window) but the airbrushed quality of the shading feels too smooth and is a funny shift... Otherwise, great work!!

  • So cute, I love it! I agree with @bnewman in that she could have a bit more contrast.You could add more soft light behind her dress or make her dress a bit darker.

    I think she should get together with @Art-of-B 's trombone player, and they'd really make some awesome music!

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    @nyrrylcadiz I agree with both @bnewman and @TessaW, i would also like to add to change the expression on the boy. He seems to be happy even though she has a terrible voice and the others are disgusted with it.

  • I love the expression on the cat. I get the feeling it's been subjected to this many times before XD

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    @chip-valecek hi, chip! I’m really sorry that’s the expression coming across to you. I actually planned him to be our main character’s brother. I wanted him to look like he’s kinda embarassed but at the same time amused and proud of his sister’s guts. I’ll consider what you said. Thank you so much.

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    @art-of-b haha 😂 thanks! Of all the characters, he’s the one who shows my genuine reaction if this were to happen in real life. It’s like he’s thinking, “Again?!”

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    @bnewman hi! Thanks so much for your input. Yes, now that you mentioned it, everything does look like it’s all of the same value. I’ll definitely work on that. As for the cat, yeah, he is acting quite un-cat-like. I think it just makes him more hilarious though... haha.. Anyway thank you again! Great input.

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    @tessaw Thanks for the tips! I think that will really work. I’m a bit scared of changing the color of the girl’s dress since I really like it but adding more of a glow/highlight behind her will definitely help her pop out.

    Yes, come to think of it, i gues that trombone boy and my little singer would make great harmony together. Haha... Again thanks a lot!!

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    Hi, guys! Here’s my revision. It may not look that different but i added texture to the background and desaturated its color a bit to make the girl stand out more, I added more glow to her, more shadows, and tweaked the boy’s expression. Please let me know what you guys think. Thanks!


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    It is lovely, your subtle outlining is so good!

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    @lmrush thank you so much! I’m very happy you like it.

  • It looks great! everything is framed so nicely. The broken note concept is subtle and effective. the only critique I have is to watch out for the subtle perspective angles that are slightly off. Everything is so well laid out that my eyes were drawn to the page, chair leg, and cat shoulder that were just slightly askew. but great work, really.
    0_1535560003970_1535529323097-54ae3c6b-97f0-45bf-9427-d731782c764a-resized copy.jpg

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    @naters-calderone thanks! I’m glad you like. I’ll definitely work on those. Thanks again!

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    This is so adorable. I love the gestures and reactions and the colors and the stylization. Not sure how much time you have to spend on this but the central composition bugs me a little. You could crop it?

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    @holleywilliamson hi, Holley! Thanks for the input! I’m not quite sure what you mean thoough.

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    Here’s another revised version. I hope you guys like it. The deadline is very near. I might submit it today.


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    Very nice! Much improved. My eye is much more drawn to the girl's face.

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    @art-of-b Thanks! I’m very glad you like it!

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