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    @smceccarelli 3 and 6 get my vote - I think for me 6 might be my favorite - that look of determination and confidence in 2 is appealing but I think it could be successfully applied to the rest - they are all nice though 🙂

  • I think I'd say 2 or 5, and I think it's simply for the combination of gesture and potential for spunk on the faces. I can't really quantify the face comment, but the gesture suggests a smart, rooted way of going about work. By that I mean to say that she carries the board with only one arm and a shoulder in those two, and in 5 it appears that she's got a knowledge of how to balance whatever she's carrying by using her arm to leverage the object, which requires a sense of center of mass and smarts. Besides that, she's fairly nonchalant as she's carrying the object. All that said, I think 5 presents the best combination of expression and gesture, but if for some reason you need to use another design, 2 approximates all of the things I've brought up here.

    There's my 20 cents 🙂

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    I like 3. 👍

  • I like the design for 3 and 5. 6 is also a fav, because I personally love ears that stick out, noodle arms, and dots eyes.

  • 5 stands out to me 🙂

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    @smceccarelli I'd say that #3 seems to have the most spunkiness for me. I think it has something to do with her shorter hair (but it might also be the wider face and/or the posture & way of holding the wood). As a side, I do like how you handled the clothing (shirt stripes & cuff, gloves & tool belt) of #4. I'd kind of like to see that a little more on #3.

    Great stuff! 🙂

  • I'd go with #3 or #6.

    For some reason shorter hair says 'intelligent and ambitious' to me. I'm also a fan of the simplistic dot eyes of #6 (and the apron/belt combo is pretty badass).

    Is this for a competition or something(hence the deadline)?

  • I like 1 and 5. They look the most spunky and I like the freckles. The hair cuts also look more in keeping with a no nonsense girl.

  • #3, #5, or #6 (leaning toward #5 because she has sorta ambiguous nationality, which is nice).

    #2 and #4 look older.

    #1 look lost in thought. More contemplative, and less spunky.

  • I like 3 then 5 or 6.

  • I like 5

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    Thank you all, very useful comments! Now I´ll sit down with all and look at all your reasons and take a in one hour 🙂
    @Art-of-B is not a competition, it´s a complicated story. There was an an open call for manuscript submissions at Charlesbridge Publishing on a specific topic, ending September 1st. I decided to write something just for exercise (the brief was intriguing) but I liked it enough to show it to my agent.
    That sort of turned my week on the head, because she decided we should submit it (which is a rare thing with her!). Five versions and a complete re-write later (which changed basically everything in the story apart from the theme) and a deep-dive immersion in how you build a pole barn (which is very interesting!), she suggested that a) the main character should be a girl and b) we should submit art with it.
    So, it´s a shot for publication wrapped up in a little more than a week. It´s sort of fun, actually.
    In my limited experience of working professionally, it´s the third or fourth time a pitch opportunity comes with super-short deadline. ADs are very specific in what they want to see, sometimes, but they may give you a week to whip up something.

  • I love the design of 6, mainly because of how you simplified a lot of the features I think readers would identify better with the character because of it.

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    1 and 5 are my favs.

  • I like 1 and 5 the most. They look fit to your personality description 🙂

  • I like 3 and 4, but all of them are interesting designs. I'm excited to see the final result!

  • @smceccarelli 3 and 5 capture all those things for me, for sure.

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    @smceccarelli If it's not too late, I like 1, 3, and 5. To me, 1 and 5 are similar, and I think part of what appeals in 5 is that the darker value of her hair makes a bold statement. But I like the determined expression of 1 and something about that hair in 3 reminds me of Peppermint Patti in Peanuts, but not too much. Also, in each of these three, the eyes are expressive without being doll-like. And in two of them she has a slightly turned up mouth, which looks thoughtful.

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    @lauraa Thank you - it's not too late! It seems 5 is a clear favourite, though the final will probably be a mashup of different elements. I will post the next evolution, for sure!

  • For me, #5 by far

    @laurel-aylesworth said in Character Design - Feedback Welcome:

    @smceccarelli 3 and 5 capture all those things for me, for sure.

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