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  • Hey!
    This is the start of my music piece - I doubt it will be done in time, but I'm excited about the piece in general and I was hoping to get some input from you amazing people! The idea is of a lion that sings to the moon and stirs his neighbors. I'm still trying to nail down composition and perspective and have started to play with value comps. (I'm 100% struggling with the rock formation, but I can't figure out what's going wrong.)
    I definitely value any feedback you have!

    0_1534721179462_IMG_3629.jpg 0_1534721189468_IMG_3625.jpg

  • I HATE working on rock formations.

    I would stick closer to the thumbnail version you have and make the rock a simpler shape instead of trying to put in a lot of jagged more realistic details.

    I'm already getting a real 'pride rock' from the Lion King vibe from your design, so I might take a look at that for some inspiration.

    Great work so far!

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    I also like the composition of the first thumbnail.

  • @art-of-b
    Oh man - is it too pride rock?!

  • @kaitlinmakes

    I don't think it's too pride rock, no 🙂

  • I like first one as well, but I do like how the bird is looking more toward the lion in the second one.

    As a side note- I think when you have a rock like that with a figure on it, people will forever think of the Lion King! I don't think you should change it because of this reason though.

    I'm looking forward to the final on this one. I really like the comp.

  • Thank you so much for the input so far!
    I tend to draw the obvious solution, so the lion king dilema was really something to chew on. I think my final treatment of the work will give it enough of a detour to hopefully tame that association down. That being said, I did take your advice @Art-of-B and look at pride rock and some more reference for inspiration to try and nail down the perspective.
    This is my comp moving forward - some of the lines for the pond foliage is really dark, but I was just trying to nail down those shapes in my head - I'll definitely push those back more moving forward.
    That being said - I am more than willing to adjust anything in this image if you see anything that just isn't working - I'd really like this to be a portfolio piece, and my process just takes so darn long not to have the foundation feeling solid.
    Does the head of the main flamingo feel right? Does the rock formation read? Does the value comp feel right or should I still make some adjustments? Where does the point of interest lay for you?

    On a side note - I have three days off of work - yeehawww!
    0_1534806499126_IMG_3651.jpeg 0_1534806514776_IMG_3655.jpeg

  • @kaitlinmakes supper cool layout and concept. You may want to add a few birds, reducing in size in order to blend the foreground and mid ground together bit more seamlessly.
    0_1534813881017_1534806514549-img_3655.jpg .
    looks great though. I'm looking forward to the rendering.

  • @naters-calderone
    That's brilliant - thank you - I would have never seen that

  • @kaitlinmakes no problem 🙂

  • She's coming along - and the input from this feed has been invaluable thus far.

    Next I'll do a color comp, and then slowly wade into the actual painting.
    Anyone else hate using a light box to sketch an image onto your final project paper?
    1_1534945709332_IMG_3682.jpg 0_1534945709330_IMG_3669.jpg

  • @kaitlinmakes looks great!

  • This guy near enough killed me!
    I'm working on this thing where I don't dog my own work - I fought this guy tooth and nail.
    But I do think there were a lot of successes, and the parts I don't like have taught me just as many lessons. I ended up playing around with it at the end and wanted to see what crosshatching in gouache would look like as an approach.
    Done in watercolor and gouache.
    It's a hard medium to go back and make corrections, but if you have feedback I would love to hear it and digest as I move forward!

    Thank you again for all the pointers you've shared with me thus far!


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    @kaitlinmakes It's a lovely painting -- nice composition and great mood. I've been trying to teach myself watercolor this summer and have become very appreciative of people's ability to watercolor. Your grays, especially, are really nice -- I'm envious.

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    what a fantastic piece, just popped over to your website, stunning work!!!!

  • @demotlj thank you! Watercolor is such a fickle mistress, but I keep going back to it.
    I just saw the sketches of your birds - your lines are so confident and smart and just show their character.
    I can't wait to see your hand in watercolors.

  • @lmrush I'm so excited you found me on Insta - I'm loving your work!
    And I'm so excited to have a community of fellow traditional watercolorists.

  • SVS OG

    Woah!!! This is amazing! Is this done in watercolors?

  • SVS OG

    You should call it Song of the Wild

  • This is a fantastic piece. I live the monochromatic look you created.

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