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  • These look really good. I like #2 & I agree @KathrynAdebayo's comments. The candles and mugs make me think of wanting to be cozy & warm, so drinks with ice would really help convey the concept.

  • Hi Tessa,
    To me #5 has more frenetic activity and wimzy. So naturally it will atract attention.
    But #2 has a sort of rising and falling motion like a sine wave, or melodic music. More of a quite appeal.
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  • I like 5 the best too. It seems the most fun image to look at, it has a ton of crazy energy!

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    I love the energy of 5. But you nailed it with lazy playing in 1. Maybe you can go back to one some day. Canโ€™t wait to see the finish!

  • I'm probably late to this party! 5 for the contest, but several of these would be awesome to work up later! I like them all.

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    I am also for number 5, or you can give the lazy one some joints in their mouths and turn the whole thing into a chill session ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Miriam True true. You and Kathryn are totally right about that.

    @W-Coats Thank you, that was a really beautiful description. You're good with words. #5 and #2 were my favorites, so it's nice to see people responded well to those 2.'

    @TianLian Thank you!

    @lmrush Thanks, I do plan to go back to one of the lazy ones, if I can.

    @Eli Thank you. Yes, I'd like to paint one of the other ones!

    @Chip-Valecek lol. The heat was supposed to be the thing that was making them loopy!!!

    Ok, I played with some ideas and these are two that I liked the best. These are still very rough, so I haven't settled on the values, lighting, or worked through tangents yet, just trying to get down the basic composition, poses, and setting. A. is supposed to be a livingroom and B. is supposed to be a garage.

    1.Which one do you prefer?
    2. If you like the drummer instead of the piano player, do you like how the drum set is breaking apart?, or should I keep it more like a traditional drumset, and just tweak the shapes to be more dynamic?

    0_1534737605086_Music Comp Energetic version.jpg

    Any other thoughts welcome and appreciated.

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    @tessaw One vote for "A" - i really like the the keyboard player

  • I like sketch A. The point of view really helps with the floating concept, and the guitarist's hair (upper right) looks cool and sells the idea as well. I also like the values.

    I know this is just a sketch, but I don't think the expression on the keyboard player's face fits with the whimsical concept. I want her to look happy, excited, or peaceful, but I'm seeing it as extreme concentration, really intense, or unhappy.

    The image looks balanced, and even though there's a lot going on, everything is clear & has enough space.

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    @tessaw I vote for A as well.

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    I like the living room pic better only because the top down point of view conveys the story you want. While I think the garage view could make for some really dynamic lighting the lower, more standard, point of view implies extreme jumping. The living room furniture makes the setting easily recognizable and though it's more extreme it helps push the idea of getting lost in the music. As for drums or keyboard I think you're good either way. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

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    A! I love that perspective! I think that the person in the white pants needs to be pulled out away from the wall a tiny bit, though.

  • @tessaw I like the drummer and atmosphere of B but prefer the guitarist from A! It's wonderful to see how this is progressing!

  • @tessaw Hi there. I really like the complex layout you're shooting for. It might look cool to have one person on the couch and the other on the floor. That might get the focus of their faces on different levels of the image. I think that's what works so well with layout #5

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    I vote A, it looks awesome, I can't wait to see it finished!

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    wow! really love this concept. voting for A. can't wait to see it finished!

  • Whoah, this looks great! If I could suggest anything it might be to not have the angle 'top down'. I think if it were straight on, it would sell the floating a bit better. Because this is such an 'action angle' you have to really sell the floating with their poses and expressions, which currently could be seen as jumping, falling, and then the keyboard player looks fine (maybe minus the expression.)
    Maybe if the living room were minimalistic, with a focus on the characters instead, and the shape of the drawing was a long rectangle with them floating up?

  • Those girls are totally jamin' !! I like โ€œAโ€ because the figures pop. the wires create an interesting pattern and provide a counter to the strong radial perspective lines of the walls. Fascinating composition, eye catching.

  • Hi guys! First, a big thanks to all those who voted!

    @Miriam - Thank you! Expressions for this piece are especially tricky for me, because there's quite a range to play with when it comes to music. I still haven't quite figured out what I'm going for with mood. I'm going to hold off until the last minute before finalizing the expressions. I think that if I'm trying to express the bigger idea of music, than you are right on the money. I've been listening to and watching live performances of more angsty performances, so that's probably influencing me somewhat!

    @burvantill Ah, nice catch.

    @Naters-Calderone Oh, good idea. I've never thought of putting faces at different levels as a compositional consideration! Though now it seems obvious. Thanks for giving me another tool for my art tool belt.

    @kylebeaudette Thank you! At this point I'm probably going to stick with top down- just because I want to move on, but I am definitely thinking about your critique of the living room as I'm working on this thing.

    Ok, I don't want critiques at this specific stage, because I'm still sorting all the elements out, and processing the latest batch of critiques, but I just wanted to update. Honestly, I'm still playing with the composition with the top down view. I keep turning it around so the characters are at different orientations and trying out slightly different warps of the perspective. At one point I had the top of the walls breaking apart and flying out of frame, brick by brick. Right now they are starting to fly out of the room into space or some weird music dimension.

    Now when I look at my last post, I'm kind of liking the simplicity of comp A again. It's hard to know whether to keep playing away at all the elements and not worry about the deadline or just stick with something and try to get it done for the competition.

    0_1535092398515_Music 2018 4 band option.png

  • I've come up with 3 color comps. Wish I could do more, but I'm running out of time. These are basic color rough-ins and the value structure is not completely worked out. Does anyone have an opinion on which one I should go with?

    0_1535223707670_Music Color Comps.png

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