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  • @art-of-b It looks Fantastic! The lighting is spot on. as I look at it though my eye keeps falling off the page in the bottom left corner. I feel as though the dog is out of place (which is unfortunate because I really like it) but theres three things 1. the dog is so dark it pulls attention like a void. 2. the trumpet is pointing right to it with no payoff. 3. it's the only element breaking the boarder, all the other figures are framed within the scene really well. All in all though I think it's a winner.

  • @Art-of-B great job! I don't even think it needs color.

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    WOW! You are really forcing me to step up my game. LOL! The fellow artist in me LOVES this and can't wait to see the finish. The competitor in me is putting on her painting gloves....that was a stupid metaphor, I don't have painting gloves. My Grrr face! I'm putting that on. Lol. 👍😃

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    Fantastic job!!!! Wow wow wow!!!!! My only comment is I was once taught your eye will go to the biggest contrast first (which is where you want your focal point to be) right now that is where the music stand meets the window. You want it to be on the boy, but not sure how to correct- Strong work you should be proud!

  • Late to the crit, but I really like this piece and there isn't a lot I can offer in terms of adjustment, a couple of things I wanted to mention though were:

    The hanging picture of the music note seems as though there could be a better option for what could go into the frame. Perhaps that side doesn't even need a picture or it could be moved slightly to the upper right as to not be as prominent.

    Also, something slightly bothers me about the foreshortening of the trombone and it's position in space.

    I think it's a great piece though and excited to see the colors added to it. I'm guessing you use a multiply layer to add the colors, but what do you use to bring the lights back out? Overlay or normal?

  • Loving the values, textures, and general comp, but I've noticed something about the trombone. It seems to be looped around his neck. By this I mean that, even if his neck is hidden by the shoulder, the tube of the trombone seems to snake its way around the right side and end up on the left side, which is not how the trombone is held. This might be fixed by overlapping the chin over the tubing, or by illustrating a little portion of his neck between the shoulder and head. Other than that, I remember loving the smaller details in the piece when I viewed it a few days ago. The little family photo especially, because it shows that the kid is usually pretty tame, with huge hair that covers his eyes and forehead; I just love the contrast between the photo representation of the kid and the craziness of the kid's trombone blast.

    Also, the mouse-- what a phenomenal little detail! I love the humor!

  • Thank you all for the feedback! I tried to incorporate it as much as I could.

    @Gary-Wilkinson that darn treble clef picture does look out of place, doesn't it? I may do as you suggest later on and try and move it a little to make it a little less prominent.

    @Jabbernewt Arggh! You're right! And I looked at so much tromboney reference, too! That may need some surgery once I've got all the colour set in...

  • Work continues! Time for the thing I need to work at most, colour! Gosh I hate colour... Hence why I now do everything in colour.

    Rough lighting colour study thingy

    alt text

    Rough colour

    alt text

    Aaaaaaaand colour WIP. Working from the background to the foreground. Almost finished working on the kid. Next come the animals.

    alt text

  • @Gary-Wilkinson

    As for colouring process, right now I use an overlay layer to throw in some light and a colourize layer for the local colour (I'm using painter. Photoshop I think has a 'colour' layer but it works a little different) Then I use a normal layer and just paint with the linework on a multiply layer overtop. Once I'm alllllmost done I'll flatten the linework and paint some highlights and stuff.

  • Absolutely brilliant to show the light through the sheet music! I'm really enjoying watching this piece come together:)

  • Love this. You really captured my struggles in 6th grade. You might want to lighten the value of the critter on the left. He is kinda hard to see. Unless it was intentional. I too think the lighting is amazing. Great job.

  • Love it.

  • Really awesome to see you’re whole process! I agree about the dog being too dark. I know you don’t want it to be too light to pull focus from the main subject but it’s really hard to tell what’s happening in that corner and is a little distracting. Awesome work, really like your style

  • @art-of-b MAN, this is good! The dog is SO funny--I agree with making it lighter because it kind of gets lost. I love the chaotic composition and the crazy movement and flow of the whole thing. So many great and hilarious little details. Well done!

  • @art-of-b Love it! It's looking great! 😃

  • Work progresses!

    Thank you all for the comments. The dog indeed was too dark as I was working from the background to the foreground and hadn't yet gotten to him.

    He may, however, STILL be too dark XD

    I've flattened the linework now, so it's just painting from here on out.

    alt text

  • As someone who's learned an instrument, this totally makes me smile! haha

  • Work progresses. And progresses... And progresses...

    That last 20% is a friggin' killer.

    alt text

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    I love love love this one! There’s one thing i think you can work on though and it’s the little doggie at the lower left side. He just looks so dark and hard to make out. Overall, i love you work!

  • @nyrrylcadiz

    He DOES still look super dark, yeah. I'll play with brightening him up a bit.

    Maybe a cooler colour than the many browns will help him pop without taking attention away from the trumpet.

    Blue dogs are a thing, right?

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