WIP---Childhood home

  • Have you had this experience? Arriving home after a long time away, you walk from room to room, or around the yard, thinking I remember everything as being so much bigger. It could be an old school house or grandma's house, just some place you knew as a child. Well that’s where this one is headed (I hope).
    As always critique is welcome after all I want to grow in abilities. So one day I can look at my old portfolio and say I remember it as so much better. 😉


  • This is beautiful work. Love the line quality and shading.

    I see one ambiguity and I'm not sure it's intentional - the features of the person is he young man or child?

  • Really neat concept, I've totally had that feeling before! I'm currently going through the Composition class so what I"m seeing in this piece is that its heavy on the left with the house butting up against the side and the the horizon is directly in the middle of the page. Maybe give the house a little room to breath on the left. Really like the style you've got going on, almost looks like a wood carving

  • I’m traveling for the next several days. I’ll get caught as soon as we get back home.

  • Pro SVS OG

    Beautiful, yes this has happened to me many times, there was a hill by our childhood home that was huge in my memory, we went back to see it it was a mound Lol Love your idea!

  • This is beautiful. I love the rendering style. I feel that the length of his thighs makes his body look child like, but his face looks manly. But perhaps he's a hobbit-like creature? I also think that you could balance the composition a bit by adding a foreground element on the left edge. Maybe the edge of an outbuilding wall and roof or something. I also think the patch of light on his shirt could be broken up a bit. It's stealing a lot of attention from his face.

    Thanks for sharing, I love seeing your work on the forums.

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