Journey To 1,000 Paintings

  • Hello. I'm new here. Thought I'd introduce myself.

    I'm MoonaticDestiny. Moon for short. I'm a motion graphic artist. I do graphic design, digital art, and a little bit of motion design. I just started my art journey a month in a half ago. I wanted to give myself an art challenge so I gave myself a 10 year project. I really want to do 1,000 paintings. I figured each year I could paint 100 paintings so that by 10 years I would have painted 1,000. I think its a good project, and I think lots of opportunities can come out of it. So far I've painted only 3 paintings but hey its a long-term project. I can't paint 1,000 overnight. I'm just going to have to take it slow and steady. Brick by brick. No rush.

    I'm trying to work on my youtube channel. I really want to document this 1,000 painting journey, so that I leave behind something for future artists. I have a lot of value, and I think I can bring something different to the table with my niche of graphic design, digital art, and motion design.

    I'm just looking to network, make new friends, and just share my art because I think I have an awesome superpower. The power of color! I can't wait to share more of my art here and the videos I have planned for my youtube channel.

    Hope everyone's creating great art. Thank You.



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    @moonaticdestiny Welcome to the forums! And best of luck on your challenge. Thats a big one for sure! Share your youtube channel so I can follow along.

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    @moonaticdestiny wow! This seems like a very daunting task. When do you target to complete this challenge? Iā€™d really love to follow your progress as well.

  • @nyrrylcadiz 10 years!

  • welcome to the forums! this is a big commitment. I'm sure you'll look back at what you created now and go: wth was i thinking lol even though they look unique and different. I love your concepts, colors and textures. if you will accept my humble opinion...vary the shapes of the clouds, make them look less like a pattern in both shape and placement.

  • Great idea! I know that when I've done art challenges like 'Inktober', or longer challenges like '1 Painting a Week,' I've grown as an artist.

    I encourage you to persevere through the challenge, and level up!

  • @chip-valecek Thank you. 1,000 pantings is a lot! I have nothing on my youtube channel right now but I do have videos planned for it. I'll link it if you want.

    @nyrrylcadiz It is very daunting! I've quit like 2 times already. :*( LOL! 1,000 paintings, 10 years, 100 paintings each years. So ten years from now so we're looking at around summer 2029. Maybe a year less if I get faster at painting and put out more painting than expected.

    @Heidi-Ahmad Yes! 10 years! Its a very big project. I can't wait to see all 1,000 paintings together and look back at my first painting and be like, "I did it! I did it, everyone!" šŸ˜ƒ

    Thank you! I have so many more awesome concepts, and I'm so excited to paint them. Thank you for the feedback. I totally agree with you on the clouds. They bother me so much!! X| They look too literal. It doesn't look natural and they look like they were placed there on purpose. I don't want to fix the clouds right now because I need to move onto the next painting. Those clouds aren't perfect so finished, not perfect. I think as I continue to paint and finish several paintings I'll figure out how to place the clouds more naturally, but I totally agree with you on the clouds and I'll keep that feedback behind my head as I paint. Thank you.

    @Josh-Schouwstra-0 Its an awesome challenge, and I can't wait to grow as an artist! I'm gonna level up so much! Thank you!

  • This is an old post, but I'm finally going to be making videos talking about my project. I uploaded my first video talking about my 1,000 painting project so if you're curious check it out.

    Episode 1 - Starting My Art Journey

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    Great challenge looking forward to seeing your progress

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