• Would it be possible to set up the topic for the next 3rd Thursday challenge on the last day of the month for the next month? We don’t need to know who the winners are before receiving the next challenge, but it would be nice to have a bit more time to work on it instead of 2-2 1/2 weeks. Personally I have enough hard “deadlines” that it’s nice to have one I can slow down a bit and enjoy like a tasty, chocolatey treat! LOL

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    @mrsdion These are really 3rd Thursday challenges anymore. Those were run by all of the SVS guys. The monthly challenge is something that Lee decided to do since they stopped doing the 3rd Thursdays. Since Lee is the only one running it, you can only imagine how time consuming it is for him to go through and pick winners as well as write a little something about them.

    I think having just a few weeks to do a piece helps to build your process to complete by a deadline.

  • @chip-valecek Thanks for the clarification. I was suggesting the prompt be given to us at the beginning of the month if it is truly going to be a “monthly” challenge.

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    Hi, @mrsdion
    I agree. Since this is for fun and fits in between "musts," giving out the topic a bit earlier -- not asking for immediate selection of winners and honorable mentions here -- would be nice. Since it is the 12th today, did I miss the topic for this month? Maybe we could all suggest word prompts so there would be a pool of them to draw from?

  • I was kinda hoping to know the topic by now too, but since Lee does it on his own time I'm not pushing it--its nice when it happens but I know he has other stuff going on. At this point I probably won't be able to participate this month, but thats just life. 🙂

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    Hey guys, Sorry for the delayed topic suggestions. I'll try to get them out on the 1st from now on. : )

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    @lee-white Don’t be sorry. This is life. You are doing this on your own time, so it’s understandable that you could get a little behind, with everything else you do. Personally I like the real life challenge of a fast turn around. I’m not doing these challenges for fun, they are for growth in my art and processes and to get a good portfolio piece out of it...and the free SVSLearn subscription isn’t a bad motivator.😬. Thank you for even doing the contest. 👍💛

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