Fragmented art time

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    @nasvikdraws Thank you for posting this and for everyone’s responses. To hear others sharing in the same struggle is such an encouragement. It is something I have been fiercely wrestling with myself.

    I saw this a few months ago when posted and kept a tab of it up these months intending to read it; finally getting around to it! Hah!

    Truly, it has been incredibly busy with fragmented time when my 10-mo old was born and with acquiring full-time work as well as contract work on the side.

    My time is in the morning rather than at night. In fact, I am pretty dead at night. My eyes in particular (maybe it’s my 41-yr old eyes…) I tend to wake up early (2:45-to-5am; typically 3:45), so that gives me a nice chunk of time “before the world awakes,” as well as having to begin my full-time responsibilities (which are also illustration & design). I believe @Jake-Parker mentioned this being part of his schedule once before.

    I resonate with the incremental “keep going, even a little bit at a time,” thoughts others have expressed. While I suppose it’s a marathon & an adventure, it can be frustrating knowing that concentrated time could help move everything faster. (Not to mention the other things that are hard to fit in. For me, it has been exercise & reading that have also been hard to fit in these months — harder to fit in my pants too - hehe).

    Jotting down notes & sketches seems to be pretty important, per what others expressed too, as it keeps a log & map to follow

    Similarly, “keeping the eyes on the prize” (as the saying goes). It can be easy to get distracted and lose passion over ideas once held dear or over particular paths of improvement, which where the notes and such come in handy.

    Perhaps I’m just rambling at this point, but these are some of my thoughts; though, I’d still love to hear from others on how to manage better. Regardless, thank you again for the post; sorry it’s taken me so long to respond


  • Hi everyone!

    This is a difficult topic especially in this modern age where we need to be perfect, perform in all areas of life and fit it all in our agenda : eat well, do some sport, be cultivated, have hobbies, be a caring and dedicated parent/lover, be an over-achiever at work, etc.

    Unfortunately we can't possibly have it all. Days are only 24h long (remove 8h sleeping, 8 hours working, 2 hours commute and 2 hours eating and see what's left for your family and yourself).

    For me, making time goes with : no TV, limited time on social medias, a new morning routine - no make up or elaborated hairstyle - , less healthy home cooking, saying no to invitations from friends I am not too excited about (the events, not the friends), less reading (I miss this part!), not being too strict on house cleaning and other related chores, etc. The only thing I don't skip is sleeping and doing some sport : those give me the necessary energy to keep up with a busy professional life and to be able to draw at the start / at the end of the day.

    Of course it is never enough. But it is better than a few years back when I didn't draw at all 🙂

    Good luck all!

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