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    @cjones I like the second one. I would also suggest maybe playing with the colors a little. What if you made the chair green? I think your character would really pop off the image then.

  • I like the second one.

    I also suggest cropping of the right side a bit so the figure is more centered and extending the format so you can see his feet with a dramatic cast shadow extending toward the viewer. I'd also suggest making the text follow more of a rounded arch.

    Love the color palette! Best of luck as far as the contest goes.

  • @tessaw Thanks!. I forgot to mention i offset the image for text on the right. Ill Have to play around with the Text more.

  • @cjones Ok, that makes more sense!

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    Hi! I think your piece is wonderful. However, i think you can still push it more for a stronger statement. Here’s what i suggest:

    1. Zoom in on the character. I like how you rendered your character. I like your color scheme, your lighting, however, it took me longer to get the gist of the illustration. Zoming in on the character, only did i realize that he has front a row seat to the end of the world. The mushroom cloud in his visor is a great touch but because of it’s size and how zoom out our character is, it’s a bit hard to notice at first glace.
    2. Use portrait layout for your illustration. Again, your illustration is already great but i think it would make it even better if you use a portrait layout for it. Perhaps, move your text higher and enlarge it. You know, like a movie poster.
      Anyway, that’s what i think. I hope this helps.

  • @tessaw LOL yeah, so the contest is for getting artwork onto a new Craft beer can. I designed the image around where the bar code, facts, name of brewing company would go.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @nyrrylcadiz 0_1533759313551_WINTS-poster2.png

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    @cjones LOVE IT!!! This is amazing!

  • This seems to be the uncommon opinion - but I like the 1st one - I don't think the background takes at all from the main character - it's pushed back in space enough to really take a third seat. But what I do like about it is that it gives me more of the concept of your story - from a general "I just need a beer hat and some popcorn to be happy" to a "when the world ends I just need a beer hat and some popcorn to watch the world end."

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