2 point perspective vs. 3 point perspective question...

  • I just finished the Mastering Perspective class and I'm still absorbing it, but I'm still fuzzy on the difference between 2 and 3 point perspective and when to use. It sounds like 2PP is the one that's used the most for storytelling, but when one wants a more exaggerated feel (for either worm's eye or bird's eye views), one should go with the 3PP. Is that about right?

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    @laurel-aylesworth I think fundamentally you've got the right idea.

    -"but when one wants a more exaggerated feel (for either worm's eye or bird's eye views), one should go with the 3PP."
    Yes, when creating an image with a worms eye or birds eye POV you will use a 3PP system.

    A 2PP system is the most commonly used perspective in illustrations. (Is that what you meant by "storytelling"?)

    But keep in mind that as humans we ALWAYS see the world in 3PP so utilizing this perspective system isn't limited only to an exaggerated feel. In fact a 3PP will look more "natural" to the viewer than a 1PP or even 2PP (provided the artist has not made the mistake of bringing their vanishing points in too close together)

  • @davidhohn Thank you, David. I'll do some experimenting.

  • 2pp is when your eye level is somewhere in the middle of an object.
    3pp is when you're looking down or up.

    2pp won't let you see more than 2 sides of a box
    3pp will let you see 3 sides of the box.

    2pp usually seen on buildings on street corners, where you can see both streets but your eyes are not below the base of the building or above the roof.
    3pp I would say it's not worm's eye view because the worm would still share the same ground. it has to be a lower level than the object, so you usually see this when looking down from a plane, or up from let's say a ditch.

    2pp can look exagerated when you feel that the streets on each corner are too long
    3pp can look somewhat flat and give a sense of detachment/distance.

    they BOTH can happen within the same room... a book resting a little outside the edge of a high shelf or you sitting on a chair and looking down at your computer case which is on the floor or a small garbage basket.

    when you feel like you can better handle 2pp and 3pp start looking into camera lenses and how they affect the way we see things. think of the distortion of people's faces when you see them through the peephole for example.

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