My first post here.

  • Welcome Kyle! Judging from what you've posted, I think you'll do great. It's somewhat hard to tell from just a few pieces, but looks like you already have a good grasp of a number of art fundamentals. It looks like you really know how to play with shapes, and have a knack for facial expressions. It also appears you have an understanding of basic lighting. My advice would be to keep playing around in those programs and make a bunch of work for fun. Looking at these pieces, if you decide to brush up on some art skills, I think taking a color and light class and a gesture drawing class would level you up even more. And if you want to do scenes- perspective and composition.

    Good luck! Looks like you have a really good base to start on.

  • What a coincidence! I was a Canadian school teacher who dreamed of illustration! High five!

    The support and learning resources here will be more than enough to jump-start your abilities. You've made a lot of progress in the two weeks you've been doing this already!

  • @tessaw thanks so much! I've doodled in a sketchbook for a few years now, and I've been making character sculptures for ten years, so that has helped me understand some stuff.
    I have nooo clue how to draw backgrounds and how to think about the composition. I'll look at those courses, thanks!🤗

  • @art-of-b It's not that I want to quit teaching, I just want to also do this. Did you quit teaching to illustrate? Maybe not a crazy idea in this current climate...

  • @kylebeaudette

    Oh, I'm not suggesting that you quit teaching. It's a good gig (depending on where you are, I suppose).

    As for me, I quit teaching because I wanted to quit teaching. The occasional illustration gig was a happy accident.

  • SVS OG

    Hello fellow Canadian! Welcome to the forum! Look forward to seeing more of your work.

  • I'd like to start a sketchbook on here, but that doesn't seem to be an option when I try to post? I'm having some overall difficulty navigating the site, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. Should I just post pictures I draw in this post?
    Anyways, here's something I drew today. Some more of one of the characters I'm working on. This picture is just a few expressions. I'm playing around with drawing shapes, and going with whatever emotion I think of when I see the shape. Thanks for the feedback so far! This forum seems great, lots of Canadians too 🙂 0_1532031569739_monsterfaceinstaversion.jpg

  • I'm enjoying seeing the progress. I like the ink/watercolour effect background. Is that a scanned texture?

  • @ians Thanks! No it's just me doing a quick inksplotch texture brush on a background layer with a bunch of colors. I just wanted something for the colors to play off of instead of white. Here's some more face studies of the boy character..


  • Man, interiors are a whole new thing to try and wrap my brain around. I've never really had to draw scenery. Maybe I'll take an SVS course on the subject.


  • I added some more things into the room, some lighting and shadows.


  • Hi @kylebeaudette I just joined the forums yesterday and also just recently started listening to the 3point perspective podcasts, it’s really inspiring! These sketches are great! I have to agree with @Chip-Valecek however, about the inconsistencies. You can fix it by trying to draw the characters in different angles : front, 3 quarters left and right and profiles so that you get an overall understanding as a 3D form. That’s what I would do I think. I hope it helps. Keep going!

  • @abbylucero The characters look different because these are sketches. I'm trying to find a look that I like and then will do turnarounds.
    Thanks for looking🤗

  • @kylebeaudette oh cool! It’s pretty good so far though. I’d love to see how the characters look later on.

  • Just got a job illustrating a local magazine, kind of freaking out about it as I would consider myself very new at this. I'm practicing some editorial things now, it's going to be about the fall/winter season in my area. 0_1532880220510_coffee.jpg


  • More crazy character work.


  • 0_1533733923834_IMG_20180806_231922_697.jpg

    Man discovers fire

  • 0_1533733975803_IMG_20180807_234811_702.jpg

  • @kylebeaudette said in My first post here.:

    Just got a job illustrating a local magazine, kind of freaking out about it as I would consider myself very new at this. I'm practicing some editorial things now, it's going to be about the fall/winter season in my area.

    Did you just search around for a job like that or do you send in your work to the magazine, "post cards" is the term I think the 3PP guys use?

  • @leothejediartist No, my wife knows the editor and they saw my instagram and contacted me. We are a small city, 47,000. Not a lot of artists, I guess.

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