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  • @burvantill in Procreate I press and hold to copy the color, in photoshop it would be the color picker. Makes for a great way to keep color consistency. Special layers like color burn & color dodge will alter the palette so it’s usually a good idea to make it the top layer if you are painting on a lower layer. At least in my process.

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    @adrian-k ah! That makes sense. Thanx!

  • I just finished watching the "How to Draw Everything" course, so I've been practicing some of the things I'ver learned. I also had put together a Facebook page for my Illustration that I never published so I did that today! https://www.facebook.com/scotthigginsillustration/

  • @Gary-Wilkinson ..so well done as always. Sad commentary, but so well done. @rcartwright that just made me laugh..just great.

    Ive been working on an illustration which will be given to a writer to come up with a story for it. I can't wait to read it. Illustration and accompanying story will then hang in the library in Albuquerque along with several others for the month of September. The theme is 'Lost and Found' ..I entitled this 'Isla's Pearls'
    Dragons are everywhere, I suppose I was influenced.


  • I did a quick Harry Potter sketch, kind of liked it. So, I’m practicing my painting technique on it. WIP atm

  • Love the idea of a virtual studio.. here are some of the things you’d see in my corner!


  • Been working on my ballpoint pen draftsmanship. Learned a lot from doing these. I also challenged myself to do these without any pencil sketching underneath so if I made a mistake I would be forced to make it work. alt text

    alt text

  • Closer to finish.

  • I've loved looking through this thread, but haven't posted yet. Just last night I finished up my first "BIG" project that started 5 years ago. I honestly feel kind of weird without the subconscious prodding from my brain to get the project done. Feels like I have my life back, but also a strange sense of loss. Here are a few pages from it... 34 full color pages, watercolor, done on 19x24 bristol paper.

    Think steampunk meets, Dr.Seuss, meets comic book.
    0_1533352244263_pg 1.jpg 1_1533352244263_Workshop.jpg

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    @rachy Love the wall πŸ˜ƒ

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    @artwithashley these are great! I hear that a lot of artists feel that loss after a project is finished. Jump back on another horse ASAP. πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

  • 0_1533386493442_IMG_20180801_162708_051.jpg

    I took a break from drawing digitally and made a small sculpture of 'Cthulhu'. Sometimes I need to change gears and reset.

  • @kylebeaudette Wow, I have a neighbour friend who sculpts as well, dragons to be percise. And to be honest I struggled to sculpt anything close to this but wow I really would like to get into it!

  • @heather-boyd I've been at it for about ten years now. It's fun. It also teaches you about the importance of posture and forms, because a sculpt really won't look right if that stuff is way off.
    Here's some more things I've made over the past few years..


  • So this is what I have been up to. With the aid of Shapes 2D, Drawing Fundamentals with Dave Malan. I have used a single reference but it is for practise. 6 animals and working on 6 objects this week. I plan to do 6 people/portraits and 6 environments. Then I will move on to Shapes 3D and repeat. πŸ™‚







    Thanks πŸ™‚
    Heather B.

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    @heather-boyd My favorites are the Octopus and the bird. With all of the notes in the margins they remind me of DaVinci's notes. Its kinda cool, graphically speaking. =)x

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    Nothing to show today. BUT! I separated my children's book story into pages and printed out 24 sheets to start drawing up rough sketches. It was tedious and I LOVED it. Why GOD, didn't I start this 20 years ago?! =)x

  • @burvantill Thank you. I do notes like a journal entry and to help me learn. But even with understanding things are made up of shape and form I struggle to be able to build structure without references and I am yet unsure how I would combine say 3 references and draw my own from them. I also like drawing animals, people, and environments but find it exhausting stretching myself as I try to learn the fundamentals to build them. Would it be best to focus on one until I understand how to draw them or should I keep practising drawing all three categories?

    I also want to help my work be more loose but still have a strong line, not stiff if you catch my drift?

    Anyways it was real nice of you to comment.

  • @djlambson
    This looks great. I like the different textures: the scales of the dragon, the cracks of the ground/rocks, the folds of the fabric and the shine of the pearls. I like the characters you created, and especially since it's for a story-prompt, I like how you can take it in a lot of different directions.
    If you can, it'd be great if you could share the story the author comes up with. I'm guessing they will be pretty excited to work on it when they see your painting!

  • @kylebeaudette
    Wow! All your sculptures are awesome! I'll have to show my brother your adventurer with the map & huge sword. He will love that guy!
    This makes me want to play with clay again.

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