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    Snow fort

  • @heather-boyd Hello Heather πŸ™‚ Do you have any of your notes / drawings to share? I'd love to see ... I'd love to see a big collection of everyone's versions of the tree and car for instance, think that could be really interesting πŸ™‚

    The hardest thing for me was, and still is, drawing ellipses, and trying to combine cylinders and spheres onto things. I've been doing 30 minutes each night before bed of combining shapes, and the squares are getting better, but my ellipses mostly don't look and feel right. I'm going to keep trying and maybe do the perspective course after the Drawing Foundations one.

    I've said once I do 30 days I'll start trying to do what Jake did at the end and combine shapes into actual things like cars and trees before bed πŸ™‚ That's going to be fun, but I'm actually enjoying combining these random shapes … don't know why, but I find it kind of relaxing lol Do you find that?

  • @sophie-lawson

    I apologize for image quality as I have poor lightening in my home. But I put together a few of the ones I made back in the summer when I did the class. I changed up Jake’s middle man a bit but it’s still his lols. And I added to the building to the right as well. I find shading more relaxing, a constant rubbing but not where to shade that’s still problematic haha.


    When you get to Drawing Fundamental exercises, post them here and I will do likewise.


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    The mouse of the day

  • I call it "The Apprentice Gets a Library Card." I'm not sure what to do with it. However, I have a friend who works for the library, maybe she has an idea for developing a poster to promote library cards for next Halloween.0_1543781022186_theApprentice.jpg

  • @heather-boyd Blimey Heather … these are good. I love your trees πŸ™‚ That car is cool too, and that building, the little bits you added as extras feel really good and all your shapes look so much cleaner and correct than mine πŸ™‚

    I have one sheet from Drawing Foundations so far … but I did the basic shapes, than added the details on top, so it's not at the basic shape stage like he wanted in the video πŸ™‚ I achieved most of the shapes in the same way as Dave, but I noticed I didn't get the scale quite right, as I wasn't paying attention to the edges of the box.

    alt text

    What I really like about this course is how he's sort of working through the puzzle of turning the things into shapes too, instead of already having done it. I like that, and I love that we do the exercises than come back to compare with how Dave does it πŸ™‚

    alt text

    I've included a quick photo of some of the combining shapes I'm currently doing before bed too, mine look a bit off at times ... I'm struggling with getting cylinders and spheres to be on the right plane, but I do enjoy trying lol

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    The final mouse is a 3 for 1 now on to the painting

  • @burvantill Omigod, I only saw the first illustration of this on IG. WOW. This is SO lovely and makes me teary. Amazing work.

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    @eli thank you 😊. I needed emotional art therapy. 😬

  • SVS OG

    I've been doing a fundraiser for a teenage friend who has cancer - selling little pieces of art through my etsy. Its been fun and challenging to keep up with the orders. It feels really good to finish and ship stuff. I don't get to do much of that. These are more tiny art pieces than illustrations, but I'm learning some good techniques.
    1_1543982991975_IMG_9533.jpg 0_1543982991975_IMG_9531.jpg

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    Today was art day with @kaitlinmakes down by the American River. I did a value study. It’s not great. 🀣

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    Sketched this a few weeks ago. Finally starting to paint

  • Some of tonight's studying from Dave's Drawing Fundamentals course …

    alt text

    Once I've finished this, I'm going to practice doing a lot of these with the tracing paper technique he said about. I'm fascinated to see what a finished drawing would look like starting out like this, and it'll be cool to have each phase captured on it's own sheet of paper, instead of hidden away under the finished drawing.

    That's one thing I would have loved on the course, if Dave had finished each section with a drawing he worked on for a few extra hours, just so we could see how these basic shape phases evolve into a detailed finished drawing.

  • @burvantill Ha! That those things are still around! A true antique :p

  • Love this thread! So much inspiration in one place! 😍

    Here are some random sketches and rough model drawing I did recently, already preparing for Mermay 2019! πŸ™‚



  • 0_1544149231258_Bring the Heat.jpg

    Spent some time repainting this. Two of my favorite Christmas characters

  • Final notes from the Drawing Fundamentals course … really enjoyed it … started the Creative Composition one now. I did the intro but had to stop to do some sketching before work, and honestly, I wanted to keep going so much, that intro got me so excited πŸ™‚

    alt text

    Played around with a lil 8 minute drawing challenge of Yoshi after lol I do think this is my favourite drawing exercise, it's not just fun, but funny ... also did some 30 second gesture drawing with QuickPoses.com and turned one into a lilSOPHIE character sketch πŸ™‚

    alt text

  • 0_1544326488286_IMG_20181208_220619_187.jpg
    Skeleton guy I'm sculpting.

  • @Sophie-Lawson

    As promised. I photographed on my camera but couldn’t find the connecting cable so back to my iPad. At least my table is cleaner!

    1_1544896073741_D2279B67-BADA-42B2-95D2-4F9D6BC994E4.jpeg 0_1544896073717_617058B8-7659-4F6D-8B4D-8A2E0489B377.jpeg
    1_1544896117284_26AC6A6D-DDC0-4099-AF9B-71F8C40A83BE.jpeg 0_1544896117252_0E1B5760-B191-42D5-B94C-DE0A661D321E.jpeg

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