New App for iPad: Affinity Designer

  • Hello Everyone! 🙂

    Just wanted to pop in and say that Serif has just launched a version of Affinity Designer for the iPad!

    Those of you primarily using the iPad Pro and Procreate might find Affinity Designer a helpful a tool to have, since it has excellent text and print layout features, which are not present in Procreate. Oh, and you can work completely in vector in it, if you want!

    Here’s where you can find more information about it:

    I use it on my computer for professional graphic design work instead of Adobe Illustrator, and it does everything I need it to do, really, so I’m super excited to be able to have it on my iPad! 😃

    Like Procreate, it’s not subscription based. And it’s 30% off until July 25th!

  • @k-w Seen it just now defiantly buying it, hoping I can learn it easily😀

  • Hi I bought this and guess what I was actually able to use the pen tool- adobe illustrator has always been a disaster for me, so looking forward to doing vector art soon😀

  • Haha that’s awesome @DOTTYP ! 😃 I’m glad you’re finding it more intuitive, and I hope you have fun with itl

    I’m just getting around to using it today, and I already love the gesture controls. Omgosh I’m kerning on my iPad by tapping and dragging!!

  • @k-w Yeah it is well worth $13 I am enjoying it

  • Pro SVS OG

    Fabulous piece of software....I`ve been playing with it for a couple of hours and I’m enthusiastic.
    It´s not the same as Adobe Illustrator and I’m missing a couple of key functionalities and processes - but it makes it up with other very cute tricks that Illustrator doesn’t have and some tools that actually work much better than in Illustrator. The raster “persona” is much more limited than ProCreate, so I would not necessarily use it for painting, but the possibility to mix raster and vector is really precious.
    The workflow is much clunkier than Illustrator, but that may be a matter of getting used to it.
    Vector brushes are very slow on my iPad - so that may be a potential caveat. I haven’t done enough to see if it´s a potential problem. So far it seems overall very fast and stable.
    Being the first really functional vector tool for mobile devices it’s exceptionally good - worth many times its cost!


  • Thanks for the helpful mini review @smceccarelli ! I don’t draw in vector much at all, so it’s interesting to hear how you found it. Cute illustration, btw! Love her hair.

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