Hi! Mushroom Village WIP

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    Hi all! I am Sweta Roy Choudhury from India. I have joined SVS learn in January and have done some basic courses. Right now I am watching Composition class.

    I have never participated in any SVS contest, though I read the posts. So I am a little bit nervous. I have tried a lot of ideas as rough sketches but none seems to focus on 'village'. It's more focused on one or two character doing something. I tinkered a lot this whole time to come up with something that focuses more on the village, but I couldn't. Since submission day is near, I am posting whatever I came up with.

    All the insects living in the mushroom village are listening intently to the music, being played by mantis. The mantis is playing an instrument similar to violin (This is an instrument generally seen in India, being played by folk singers).

    Please share your views & feedback. I hope I can finish it within time.

    Even if I can't this assignment gave me a lot to learn.

  • @sweta-roy-choudhury Love the concept and it's very cute! I hope to see more of it!

  • Hey Sweta! The sketch is lovely, I like the composition and movement in the sketch - it would be great so see how you translate that energy through to the finished piece. Keep going and show us the progress 😃

  • @lei Thanks for the feedback 😃 . I will definitely share the progress.

  • @eli Thanks :D. I will share it.

  • 0_1529686668095_mushroom.png
    This is a very rough value study. I thought of making that flowerbud as light source. Is it making the focus too bright? Should I rather put little lights hanging from the big mushroom... I am in a fix.
    Here is the rough color blocking.

  • @sweta-roy-choudhury I like the value study. I know you are just roughing in your colors, but I would suggest toning down the greens in the background- perhaps making them less saturated and/or cooling them down a bit. It will sell the lighting a bit better and emphasize the preying mantis even more.

  • @tessaw Thanks for the feedback. Yes you are right I need to make the greens at the background cool.
    One query. you wrote, 'preying mantis', is the pose of mantis showing its preying on something? I wanted to show that the mantis is playing a musical instrument. Is posing not clear?

  • @sweta-roy-choudhury No, it's clear that it's playing a musical instrument, and not preying on something. I personally call that insect a "praying mantis" for it's name. I made a typo and should have typed "praying mantis" with an A instead of "preying mantis" with an E.

  • @tessaw oh! It's ok 😃

  • 0_1530123018824_mushroom02.png

    I would like to get feedback on this one.

  • Heya! It’s coming together really nicely. My first impression is that the following bugs, need slight edits to be less prominent. They are really cute so don’t get rid of them! Just try to edit a bit and see if it helps.


    The top one it’s a little hard to read the smiling open mouth - at a glance I thought it was a triangular nose (I think it’s a mouth, right?)

    The center one (orange body) perhaps reduce the size of his eye and face? I keep being drawn to look at its cute face when the focus should be the mantis.

    The bottom one isn’t as distracting, but just see how the other edits balance out.

    That’s my gut reaction on the piece. Other than that I love the atmosphere and the shadow cast behind the mantis is cool. It’s a really charming scene 🙂

  • @lei Thanks for the feedback. You are right. Now that you pointed out I notice it.Those three bugs should have less focus. I will work on it. I have submitted this illustration for the challenge for now. But I will make the edits and see how it works before adding to my portfolio.

  • @sweta-roy-choudhury no worries, it’s really beautiful overall so these tweaks would just help refine the piece. It’s still very strong as is 🙂 cool, glad I could help .