Mushroom Village WIP

  • I like both. You've done a really great job. I do think it would be worth it to play with the cool one a bit- maybe warm up the oranges of the fox and foreground character a little and possibly add a few more orangy touches or even a few warmer greens here and there. Not enough to overpower the overall scheme, but just to add some variations.

  • Now the votes coming in are about even lol. That makes it so hard to pick! I do think adding some warmer elements in the blue one will make it more cohesive, and maybe add some light coming out of the mushroom windows. Ugh, I'll probably just end up making both and picking one at random for the contest. Might be a useful portfolio item at least!

  • Another vote for the blue scheme here! Just coz like you mentioned - it’s not the typical kind of colour scheme for this theme. Which makes it more unique. The autumn warm ness is beautiful but more expected/familiar.

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