Wacom Cintiq 22HD or XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro display drawing tablet for digital art

  • Hey guys I'm about to get serious about digital art. I currently use the XP-Pen Star03 Graphics tablet Small and I was looking at the Wacom Cintiq 22HD when i stumbled across the XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro display drawing tablet . Its time for me to stop a lot of gaming time and turn it into what i used to be good at and maybe a career change down the line.

    Spec wise both are similar, Also one more flaw on the Artist 22E Pro is the inability to multi-touch input .

    other then that not much else parts them other then PRICE !!!! like less then half. £609.99 VS £1,483.97 .

    Im a sucker for quality and both don't seem to have much of a quality issue but the Cintiq does have a nice exterior rubber grip style exterior and a very flexible stand with rotation etc...

    I looked into the touch version of the cintiq but ive seen major drivers issues with adobe and i don't won't that at all. Apparently both don't work in tangent like the old days.

    Anyways my head is leaning towards the cintiq, most likely go to JB and do finance option. Otherwise i would fork our for the XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro . I would appreciate some feedback if you have used either.

    Have a look on the Artist 22E Pro drawing monitor incase you never seen one.


  • @anjing

    Hey! here's a review from Brad Colbow I find his reviews both entertaining and accurate https://youtu.be/PEgNnCr29PQ

    Hope this helps and good luck 🙂

  • I haven't tried the XP-pen, but the last time I tried to change from my cintiq to another brand I was sorely disappointed.

    But then, if I'd never used a cintiq in the first place I'd probably have gotten used to the other brand.

    In general, going with a cintiq is a pretty safe choice. As much as they have their problems they're high quality and if you treat them right they last forever.

    I'd be interested to hear about the XP-pen, though, so if you decide to go with that do let us know how it is 🙂

  • @anjing Hi I have The Xp pen 22hd (the model just below the 22E) The model I have was only £400 ,I have had it about 7 months now and no problems recently bought a ergoton arm for it -even better! I also have the Cintiq 13 Hd so feel I can compare them.I would not pay for another overpriced Wacom I really can’t see much difference in them. The Wacom driver updates drove me mad nearly every week, there is really no need for it.If you can think of any specific questions you want to ask me about the XP pen don’t be afraid to ask me here.😀

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