Mushroom Village WIP

  • A sketch for mushroom village. A spirit-like lady releasing spores to the city-scape of mushrooms below. I am going to attempt to make it a night scene with lots of glowing spores and mushrooms. It will be a new technique for me. I am excited to start the process, but unsure of the outcome. 😛0_1528833392911_spores sketch.jpg

  • Second sketch with a few changes and some text below that will end up somewhere on the illustration (maybe).0_1528864291604_spores line scan bw.jpg

    High up in the evertrees
    The lady light does glow
    She sets free seeds and moon-beam dreams
    Onto the floor below.

  • wow I love the concept! it feels classical. I am looking forward for more updates!

  • @kadelex
    I like both of these sketches. I prefer the style of the lady in the 1st concept. The 2nd lady looks like she is falling.
    I especially like the way the seeds are floating down in the 2nd one.

  • These are cool. The second one looks like art nouveaux. Only, I agree that it looks like she's falling. If you turned her over, she could be flying like some kind of wind spirit that scatters the seeds on the wind.

  • Thanks all for your comments. 🙂 I am so new to all of this and am very appreciative of this forum and all the wonderful people on it. I'm sure there are tons of things regarding composition, expression and storytelling that could be improved and hopefully, I'll learn that along the way. In attempts to get the piece finished on time, here is what I have decided on for a sketch. Time to start painting!0_1529094527254_spores 3.jpg

  • @kadelex I still like the 1st sketch best (I don't happen to be a fan of Art Nouveaux), but if you are sticking with the Art Nouveaux style, I like the 2nd lady better than the 3rd. I also think the 2nd lady matches the style better, and the composition is much better than the 3rd one. (But that's just my opinion!)

    For the 2nd sketch, you could just erase the lady's feet and she would look fine. The second sketch is really well done!

  • @miriam thanks for the feedback. I think I'll do some thumbnail paintings for both the second and third sketches and see which ones work best when colour is added. I'm not really a fan of art nouveau, either (although you would never know judging by my line drawings). My painting style ends up looking very different from my sketches. I'm still working on having consistency in my style.

  • @kadelex Then I'll be looking forward to seeing them even more! Ha, ha! 😃

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