Mushroom Village work-in-progress

  • Hi all,

    So my first attempt at this contest thing - I havn't been drawing regularly until a few months ago, but feel I've developed quite a bit while doing SVS classes and really just by spending time whenever I can drawing. But I think I'm ready to try and draw a full scene and and get some feedback on the process as well, if possible...

    So I've started trying to sketch a few concepts of the mushroom village:

    My first idea is a person attacking a mushroom village - like a godzilla, but a human and a mushroom village in stead of tokyo.... (after I saw Gary Wilkinsons WIP, think it's very close to his concept)

    So the next concept is kinda the same "type" of thing (big human in mushroom village), but this time it's more positive - or at least unclear if it's positive or negative .. it's a person discovering a mushroom village in a cave.
    So the last concept I have is a moon base being built using mushrooms (and thus creating a mushroom village)

    I'm not sure what I'm going to go with for the final thing...

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    @niklas-kline-lange-frost I like your second idea best. I have a feeling there will be many entries this month with a larger threat to a mushroom village.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I went with the 2nd one. Been having real trouble getting it done, and not really sure that I like the way it went, but this is what it looks like now:

    0_1528837170646_mushrrom village.jpg

    Any critique is very welcome!

  • Perspective is interesting because it isn't necessarily threatening, more investigating. I would continue to work on your light source it is overpowering with the white streaks. Unfortunately I do not know how to edit and help you with light and tone, not yet. I really like to blend colours or keep them separate with shapes and forms.

    I do quite like how the mushrooms to the left are drawn but would not have necessarily taken them for mushrooms if you had not had the others on the right.

    Your character looks uncertain, concerned or worried, which you could push further. Why is he feeling that way? Is he feeling threatened? Interesting twist with all these themes of mushrooms being attacked.

    @Niklas-Kline-Lange-Frost 🙂

  • @heather-boyd thanks for the feedback! I've been trying to work on the face. Decided to rework it completely. To make the tone of the subject more clear, I made the person younger and more feminine, and the expression more "discovering". I agree that the light source and steaks are very prominent, and prolly to much. I don't know if it's just from looking at it too much, but I kinda like the way it gives contrast to the villager. I did however try to tone it down a little bit with some more shade in it.

  • Love the interesting angle you've chosen and you've nailed the woman's expression! The only confusing thing to me is the villager. Is it the black ant looking thing? It feels a bit big, considering the buildings, and I'm wondering why it's a black silhouette?

  • @tessaw thanks for the feedback! Makes sense with the ant-creature being confusing. My idea was that it should be misterious, but I think I might have gone too far. The size is definitely an issue as well! So: my attempt at fixing it is to make the ant-thing more defined and let it be a means of transportation for the actual villagers, who then can be better sized. So I tried putting a villager on the ants back. I can't tell if it's too far fetched or not.....0_1529440832042_1529440807335766823444.jpg

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