• Hi Everyone,

    I have been procrastinating on finding a new website hosting service. My service is up in August. There are so many options and the more I look the more I get confused. I currently use GoDaddy. They annoy me in many ways but are less expensive and you get a free email included. They keep telling me I have malware on my site, but I don't sell anything at the moment so am not really worrying about that. I think its a way to get me to move to the Go Central template based website. I had someone build my site and I just update it with Dreamweaver, but looking for better option. Something quick, large images, has option for blog right there and not too many extra costs.

    I would love some artist suggestions. I do not want to pay more than 150 max a year (not including domain cost).

    Here is my website: I want to have an art, design, contact, blog, about section. Simple clean, but also options when you go into the art to have black & white, color, etc. I may want an option to sell later, but not now.

    Any thoughts are much appreciated.

    Kim Gatto

  • I use and am very happy with them.

    You can run multiple domains from the one account as well as multiple email addresses and email domains. I currently have a half dozen separate demains running under my 1 bluehost account.

    It is worth paying extra for daily backup. That way if you mes up your website or something does wrong, you can simply restore specific files or the entire site with a click of the mouse.

  • @kgatto I created mine on wix. everything is customizable and easy to use. customer service are there if you need help with anything. you can check their plans and choose the one you need. you can create your website with them for free first then pay to get your domain and extra features.

  • Thanks so much Heidi. That is one I was thinking. I have my email with GoDaddy and don't want to lose it but not sure I want to stay there either. Very nice work on your site.

  • @jimsz Thanks for the reply. I will check them out. Never heard of them before.

  • @kgatto thank you! 😃 glad you like it.
    about the website i also figured if I want more features I should have them all in 1 place, 1 payment, less headache.

  • square space works pretty well

  • SVS OG

    I use weebly. It has its drawbacks, but one advantage it has over other similar website builders is the ability to change templates while keeping all your content--it just transfers it all over for you. I've done this multiple times, so I'm really happy about that feature. I know specifically that this isn't possible with Wix, but I believe other site builders as well. Wix is more customizable down to little details, but that customizability makes it so you can't just move to a new template. With weebly you have to stick with what they give you, more or less, but if you want to change up the look/layout of your site you can do it in just a few clicks and all your content moves for you. So it really just depends on what is most important to you when creating your website.

  • Thank you. I really like your site and very nice artwork! I will check this out. I like that option too, but also like the clean look of it. My biggest concern is I will need to get rid of my email from GoDaddy which is free but is It is annoying and fills up but with most other websites you have to pay for an email like that. Do you know if Weebly offers free email? Thanks again!!! Kim

  • @cjones Thanks. I do like Squarespace too. Not too many options which is good. Kim

  • @kgatto said in Websites:

    My biggest concern is I will need to get rid of my email from GoDaddy which is free but is

    If you own the domain name you will not lose your email address. You need to move to a domain hosting site that also offers email. Weebly I believe does not offer this service but partners with someone else and it is an additional $4 or so per month.

    If you go with a full featured hosting service (, etc) email is included as part of the package. I know with bluehost you can create as many email addresses as you want either as a forward to your main email or as a separate email account.

    You also want to consider the future. with a full service hosting service you can use your web address. But let's say in 6 months you want to have another web site for some other reason, you can add that to your account for a $15/yr domain registration fee and set it up under your same account.

    Weebly is very simply to setup but you can easily setup a site through full featured hosting sites as well. You may even be able to import your current site and not have to recreate it from scratch.

  • SVS OG

    I build and host websites for small businesses, and I like Siteground. The cheapest package is still powerful enough to host a decent website (unlike GoDaddy) and they have free SSL installation (a must these days) and excellent support.

    Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost, and others are all owned by the same company: Endurance International Group. I don't know about Bluehost but I have not been satisfied with the other two at all. Prepare to be upsold and have features locked.

    While almost all hosting plans include the option to create email addresses, I would set up a separate, dedicated email service to save yourself trouble in the future. Then it is not tied to your web host. Yes you have to pay for it but it's worth it. Google's GSuite is $5/mo ($60/yr), and Namecheap has private email service for $10/yr.

  • @jimsz Hmm. Really. I am so not good at this. I do own the domain, I would be able to keep my email where ever I go? I'm confused on the domain, hosting and email? Isn't domain separate than hosting? I can transfer my domain anywhere I go? I probably wouldn't need another site. I just want design, art, blog, on same website and then the option if I need to sell in the future.

  • @carriecopa I would probably want to stick with someone who has been around for the reason, I don't want them to go under and then I have to redesign a site again.

    Honestly I wish I never changed my email because I used Yahoo and never had a problem. It was free and never got full. But it had to be instead. I just did some mailings so not sure I want to deal with changing that.

    So is this Siteground like a wordpress site? Do they have easy templates? I need easy these days. I did like the way your site looked but is it customizable to add art, design, blog, contact?

    Nice work btw.

    Thanks again for all your help.

  • SVS OG

    @kgatto Yes, Siteground would be a great choice for a Wordpress site. I use a theme that's completely customizeable (Divi). But there's a learning curve to designing in Wordpress (and the free templates are rarely worth it). Because Wordpress is so robust with options, it can be tricky at first to find where everything is (like learning which buttons to use on a remote!) but once you know that it's easy to edit later. I always make tutorials for my clients to help with that.

    If you want a more drag-n-drop design site, Squarespace, Wix or Weebly might be better choices. They have limitations but if you want simple layouts they probably have you covered. I think one of these might be the right direction for you.

  • @kgatto said in Websites:

    @jimsz Hmm. Really. I am so not good at this. I do own the domain, I would be able to keep my email where ever I go? I'm confused on the domain, hosting and email? Isn't domain separate than hosting? I can transfer my domain anywhere I go? I probably wouldn't need another site. I just want design, art, blog, on same website and then the option if I need to sell in the future.

    You own the domain. when you go with a webhosting service you can transfer the domain to them or leave it with godaddy. No matter what you do you still have the option to keep your email address.

    If you go with a full featured hosting service, everything will be there and you can install wordpress with one simple click.

    I like Bluehost but there are MANY hosting services out there. here is an article on whats involved to move from godaddy to other hosting services.

  • @sarah-luann an @carriecopa I love both of your sites. I noticed though it still indicates site is not secure. Why is that? I think that is why godaddy is trying to get me to switch to their website builder site. Thanks.

  • SVS OG

    @kgatto thanks for the heads-up, my site said "insecure" because of a "mixed content error" - there was an old photo with the http:// path instead of the secure https:// path. I fixed it so should have the green lock now!

    The builder you use won't matter for site security. The "secure" part comes from buying an SSL certificate so you can use the https:// address instead of http:// . Some services include this, some you have to pay for, but you should have one going forward because all the web browsers are flagging sites as "insecure" if you don't have one.

    For personal portfolio sites, the cheapest SSL is all you need. GoDaddy offers it for $70/yr, Namecheap has one for $10/yr, Siteground is free. Just another cost to consider!

  • @carriecopa Thanks Carrie. I see it's fixed. My head is spinning with all this technical stuff. haha Siteground sound good but I may just go with simple for my sanity. I will keep that in mind for the future though. Yes. the ssl is expensive some places, but others included. Thanks again for all your help.

  • SVS OG

    Right on! I think Squarespace is my favorite of the DIY options. SSL is included. $14/mo is a fair deal for all their options.

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