Mushroom Village WIP

  • I really like the addition of the attacking villagers. I think you could add some cool light effects though coming from the house being eaten. If you add a bright upward light on the caterpillars face coming from the house it would give him a more ominous appearance I think.

    Looking good though.

  • This is great. I love the addition of them trying to defend the village!

  • Genius.
    I also really like the villagers. I'm so looking forward to see how this turns out!

  • I left this piece alone for a few days and on coming back to it I didn't feel that it was working right and the angle was too static for the scene (originally the mushroom was just going to be by itself acting inconspicuous so maybe that would have worked with the old angle).

    I sketched out a new idea, whilst trying to keep the theme of a mushroom hunter, but keeping the piece relatively simple, whilst telling the whole story, what do you all think?

    0_1528961456886_new mushroom 1.jpg

  • Love the updated sketch. I really like the original design as well but the new sketch angle makes the overall image seem a lot more dramatic. Instead of us looking over the scene it now almost feels like we are in the scene itself. Very cool, love your style can't wait to see where you take this one!

  • @gary-wilkinson I like the new design, too. I suggest you show some bite marks on the one it's eating, to make it more clear, and I like the previous suggestion of having bits / crumbs of mushroom flying off or falling down.

    I'm not sure what your plans are for the figure in the lower right, but I think it should either be fighting or fleeing (and maybe add another figure or two? Maybe this one could have a child with it?).

  • @gary-wilkinson I think that the new idea has more dramatic storytelling. I do like the first iteration as a character study because I feel it really focuses on the camouflaging quality of the monster rather than the eating of the village. But the new direction could turn out quite splendid!

  • SVS OG

    @gary-wilkinson Hey Gary - i really like your original painting but i can see that this new one will be great too - i do have an idea that i think is worth sharing - i was thinking you could paint the bite mark out of the first painting and have the mushroom be fully intact and the little folk on the ground not reacting to the creature - (maybe crop a bit of the left of the canvas to get away from the centered composition?) this could be your first of three paintings - the moment before. Your new composition could be the next moment and then maybe you could do a final composition with the moment after.....but somehow have an interesting or surprising story sprout from the final image? Great work as usual!

  • So I

    0_1529319473473_new mushroom 6colorsm.jpg adjusted the design of the mushroom hunter as the shape of the previous one wasn't fitting in well with the new composition. There is lots of detailing left to do and still need to add the character at the bottom left (he has just arrived home from work). I'm thinking to add another character in the mushroom house who is taking a shower or lit by a light. What do you think of the colors of the monster? I want to cool the reds that aren't hit by the light a lot more, but I still want to keep it quite simple.

  • Hi Gary, fun project I like the colors and fish-eye perspective, and the voluminous shapes that you do so well. looking at your past work I have confidence that this will be amazing too.

    --so just in the spirit of friendly banter I have a question; is the mushroom hunter oblivious to the denizens of the village? if the little guy on the path was scolding it would it take any notice? or would it be embarrassed at having accidentally exposed the one in the shower?

  • @w-coats So the mushroom hunter is colored so that it be somewhat camouflaged, although in this situation it's pretty much spotted after devouring most of the village. With the little guy on the path he will have a shocked pose after just seeing what is happening (poor guy even dropped his briefcase), as for the shower idea I will probably change that as it could be interpreted that it is looking at the one in the shower rather than at the homeowner on the path.

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