3x3 Challenge - and a triceratops on a tricycle

  • @smceccarelli
    Sorry to be late to the party, but I love the drawings and the choices you've made so far!

    (Too late now, but I would have said to keep the dress in the Mrs. Rex Welcome painting, and said no clothes for the other two. Maybe because of the personalities, or the ages of the different dinosaurs, or maybe dinosaurs are like pets in the way that that they can wear a sweater or not and be fine either way--I don't know, but I just liked the originals, and didn't feel that they conflicted. I agree with the other comment about liking the texture of the dino skin. Also, the dress kind of seems to sit on top of the Flower-wishing dino, rather than being part of her. It looks a bit flat next to the details & contours of the skin--especially at the middle & top of the dress--the bottom is working better for me. Maybe too much contrast on the upper part?)

    Another thing that is standing out to me is the highlight on the back of Mrs. Rex's neck & the sharp shadow line between her neck and face. I don't know anything about lighting, but my eye is being drawn there & I'm left looking at the back of her neck. Also, the color/tone of the neck is very similar to the tree behind it. The rest of the lighting & shadow looks great. I like the dappled shadows, and the Mom's shadow against the truck.

    I love this whole scene--the exotic blooms, the enthusiasm of Mrs. Rex's expression, her proper lady-like dress & pearls, the positions & posture of the Mom & daughter--extensive story telling!

    For the triceratops on a trike, I love A! It's my favorite by far. I agree that it has a great mood to it. I'm getting a "one last bit of fun on the way home" kind of vibe, and a comforting feel. They are so happy & carefree. It seems like they've just had the best day together & are good friends (or siblings?--if one is adopted?! ha, ha!)

    These are all really amazing pieces and so fun to look at! They would make a delightful book!

  • @miriam Thank you so much for your comments! Not too late at all, as I have not posted any of the finals anywhere. I think what you are seeing in Mrs Rex are mistakes in the perspective of the dress - I will definitely go back and fix them, as well as refine the light on her neck so that it doesńt draw too much attention. Glad you like no 1 on the triceratops, because that is the one I chose in the end 😉

  • @smceccarelli Hi , your works great. Great composition in this one, I love the way the flowers and the moving van lead the viewer into the scene. For me, I think there may be a color issue, you know first read, second read, that kind of thing. When I relax and just enjoy the image, my eye goes back and forth between the intense purple colors of the Dinosaur's dress and the purple colors (Intensity) of the flowers in the lower right foreground. They both seem to be very important.
    Theres a tree above, possibly the flowers could be in shade giving more attention to the dinosaur.
    None of this is "TRUE" of course , just my opinion. Chris

    PS: I can relate to having dinosaurs next door. There's a fallow field next to our house an a large number of alligator lizards have made it their home. Occasionally they make it into my studio. Caught this little guy in my car the other day...

  • @c-davies
    Wow! I hope they don't bite!

  • @miriam Can you believe it, i live smack dab in the middle of LA and we have Alligator lizards , I don't think they are indigenous, I think someone released them , and yes they will latch on to your finger but they have no teeth. They can be very startling, once I thought I was reaching for an Argyle sock and it took off running across the floor.

  • @c-davies That is kind of awesome!

  • @smceccarelli Magnifique. And just 20 hours? Wow!

  • @c-davies That is awesome! Reminded me when we were in Australia and a gecko came visiting in our room....

  • Last one ....in the phase of deciding if it's finished or not.


  • @smceccarelli can you cheat a glimmer of light on the triceratops face? I think it would add balance... just a thought, looks awesome.

  • @jason-bowen I was thinking the same thing...thanks for the good instinct!

  • @smceccarelli LOVE LOVE LOVE. It's magical.

  • @smceccarelli absolutely gorgeous! And I loved watching the progression of your 100 kids. So professional. Your color choices are fantastic too. I’m excited to leap into the 100 something’s challenge.

  • @smceccarelli no problem glad to help ☺

  • @smceccarelli Looks awesome! - i agree that a bit of light on the snout might be good - i did a quick thumbnail - Maybe hard cast shadow edges would look cool ?


  • @kevin-longueil That looks awesome! But then the whole side of the bike and the side of the kid should be hit by the sun too....mmmh, I`ll try that and see how it looks.

  • Here with some raking light coming through. Not quite the whole cast shadow pattern suggested by @Kevin-Longueil as, while awesome, it's a bit of a stretch in terms of cheating with the light...!
    What do you think? Final?


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