3x3 Challenge - and a triceratops on a tricycle

  • I think that no clothes on the dinosaur seems like a good choice. If you give them clothes I would presume they are more intelligent, which would adjust the social dynamic of it and the child. I guess it depends on what you vision is though.

    As for the illustration, I think it is wonderful! There is a lot of energy, the composition works really well and the dinosaur on that tricycle is so funny. The only thing at this stage I feel is off is the boy's head and expression. He looks like he is happy, but it feels more of a "just got in a bath after a long hard day" kinda look. The position of his hat in perspective also seem somewhat awkward and may be something to consider.

  • I love your triceratops! The angle is amazing and his pose is just plain hilarious. I also love what you did with the kid.

    This 3x3 challenge is very interesting. Can we join? How does it work?

  • @nyrryl-cadiz You sure can! Here is how I thought it up. Roll three story dice (real or digital) once. Whatever comes out is your inspiration for three illustrations based in the same world or story, as if they were living in the same book. They don’t all need to contain the objects shown by the dice, the hints are only an inspiration or starting point. Don’t give up straight away if nothing comes to mind - give it a couple of days.
    At least one of the illustrations should be full bleed (spread or page). The others can be spots or vignettes.
    That’s all. I’m going to use the hashtag #3x3Challenge when I start posting - would love to see other people jump on it!

  • Looks great. I would just move boy on a bike a little bit to the left. There's a lot of things happening behind the bike wheel and his leg and dino's bike. It took me a while to get it. Or maybe you will separate this when coloring. Good work.

  • This is a fun idea! I guess I've been living under a rock - never heard of story dice before. Now I shall seek them out 🙂

  • @missmushy you can get digital ones for tablets

  • Thank you @Gary-Wilkinson @markoman for your comments - I made a bunch of corrections on that drawing.
    Here is the second one - this one with clothes.
    Velociraptors are sensitive beings....


  • @smceccarelli just ordered my own story dice! Thank you for the inspiration. Let's see what wild and weird things pop up

  • I love this idea! Create a hashtag, that would be great!

  • @smceccarelli Such a good idea! I'm going to try this challenge. On another note, I admire your artwork and the strategic way you manage your career. Thanks so much for sharing your projects and knowledge.

  • Great illustration, very cool style. I'm liking this challenge.

  • So, here is the most complex illustration and one where I would really like some feedback: Mrs Rex welcomes the new neighbours.

    Anything you notice that is not working - I really appreciate your input!


    And another opinion - I moved the kid out left, as suggested by @markoman. Now I'm wondering if it's lost some of the tight quality of the original or it actually works better. And again, wondering wether the triceratops should have some clothes...


  • I think the "open one" reads better. It creates a better silhouette. Not so sure abut the t-shirt. Cant wait for you to color these. 🙂

  • @smceccarelli This is a fantastic series you're doing! I've really enjoyed seeing the sketches. On the triceratops I like how the original treats the tail. On the others the bottom line of the tail flows right to the corner of the page leading the eye right to the corner. I also think that based on the other images the clothes feel more appropriate since this could be a real series that you flesh out. It would feel odd to have one naked while the others are clothed and living "normal" human lives. As for Mrs. Rex something about the trucks perspective feels off. Either the back line or maybe just the wheel. It's not much but it does draw my eye to that area trying to figure out why it feels off. Everything else is pure gold! I know this was started as a fun project to perhaps break up the monotony but these would be really neat to see completed.

  • @smceccarelli I love this one! For feedback i think the only thing i can see is that Mrs Rex's head should maybe turn toward the girls quite a bit. I feel like the picket below the sternum of the t-rex is in line with the center line or axis of its body - so if i run a line from the bottom of that picket straight to the left of the canvas it runs into the fellow with the box instead of the girls - you could probably just adjust the eye of the t-rex too but i think a head tilt would look great - anyways feel free to ignore - super nice image!

  • @smceccarelli I see what you mean about losing the tightness of the original, though the openness may be needed in order to clearly define what's happening with the triceratops' limbs in relation to its bike. The one thing that's stumping me--what is that roundish shape below its mouth? Its other foot?

    And yes to the t-shirt since Mrs. Rex is wearing clothes, although it's a shame to lose the interesting body texture. Maybe you can add a pattern to the t-shirt? A striped shirt?

    This sketches are amazing, so full of life.

  • Thank you @Jon-Anderson @Kevin-Longueil @Johanna-Kim all good points and I will correct. I can easily move the triceratops` tail down and I was already thinking of redrawing Mrs Rex head - I want a larger upper jaw and you’re absolutely right with the fact that she should be turning towards the girls.
    The shape hanging from the tricycle handle is a kindergarten bag in the shape of a frog - I guess it will become clearer with color...

  • @smceccarelli As always, I love all of your drawings. Two minor things on the Mrs. Rex drawing: Mrs. Rex she doesn't look like she's looking directly at the kids (but if you are going to re-draw her head, that would change anyway). The other thing is that the two children both have beaming smiles but also look like they are backing away/hiding a little (which I would too if a huge T. Rex were looking at me even if she was holding a welcome basket!) Anyway, you might make their faces smiling a little more uncertainly to match their body posture. Can't wait to see more.

  • Color keys! After binge-watching Bucci's YouTube channel for a day. Particularly influenced by his video on "staging".
    Input more than welcome....
    I'm out of the studio next week - maybe I'll paint these with the iPad.


  • @smceccarelli I love the color!!! You are rehabilitating the whole idea of binge-watching ;-).

    My quick gut reaction (without glasses, which may not be a bad idea) is 1, C and X. I feel fairly sure Will, Jake and Lee would go for 2, because the light is on Mrs. Rex's head, but I can't resist what you've got going on with the sunlight in 1, so I'm going to come up with the justification that the focus is on the girls and Mrs. Rex should be in the shade because it makes her look scarier (though she isn't).

    I second that Mrs. Rex's head should be more dynamic (I see you've already turned it a bit). That's because I've been watching Wouter Tulp and I know that's what he would say--vary the body angles!

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