Ongoing Art Thread (Critiques Welcome/Wanted)

  • Started on the "Design100 Somethings" as suggested by @Jake-Parker. I wanted these to be quick (less than 7-8 minutes each) from inception to finish. I can already tell from these first few that I'm starting to like the later ones that I didn't think of in the beginning because I'm getting the "easy" ones out of the way and forced to answer real design questions.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • @buddy-skelton Hello! Nice to see your work.

    Your robotic portraits (4th illustration) are real slick and clean edged so I was confused why when they hit the bottom edge of the portrait frame they are neither blended nor cut off/behind the orange frame.

    For your vulture (the last bird) you have more definition on its head and less on its featured body. I find it a bit unbalanced. Less definition in the background is understood but I feel the feathers need similar attention as the rest of the bird, seeing that the features are even closer to the viewer.

    🙂 I hope this helps. Your style treatment to your robotics is really attractive!
    Heather B.

  • @heather-boyd

    Thanks for the comments. As for the robots I guess I just uploaded the wrong file. It has been corrected. As far as the vulture goes I just had no clue how to render feathers at the time so I just used a brush to quickly put them in. One day I might go back and redo it.

  • Some random pig in a suit.


  • So I decided to try something new for Inktober this year. I am going to mash up two days prompts into one drawing. I have a pretty decent idea for most of them but I can already tell that some will be a challenge.

    This first one is a combination of Poisonous / Tranquil.



  • @buddy-skelton LOVING the mash up concept! Great idea and image!

  • Days 3 Roasted / 4 Spell

    This particular "Spell of Awakening" required the delicious ingredient of roasted marshmallows.


  • Oi! Now I'm craving marshmallows - what a way to wake up.
    Also, I remember seeing your Pig in a Suit drawing a few weeks back, and he's really sort of stuck with me. His snout makes me feel kind of uncomfortable - kind of has a Howard the Duck feel about him; or maybe a three-little-pigs pig who finally had to grow up and go get a job and then got really good at it and now feels superior to his day dreaming brothers.

  • Inktober Days 5 and 6. I didn't mash these two up because I didn't like how what I made turned out. So to meet the "deadline" for both of them on day six I just made two separate quick sketches.

    Day 5: Chicken
    alt text

    Day 6: Drool

    alt text

  • Inktober Days 7-8 Exhausted / Star

    Patrick really needed a nap after such a large lunch.

    alt text

  • More pencil practice this past week.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Apparently I have a thing for birds.



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