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  • @rhirsch well the front wheel makes the bike look like its leaning to the left a lot, but the handlebars are stable. The major axis of an ellipse should conform to the perspective of the scene. The back wheels can be seen as bending, but that could just be the style of the bike. You can make it seem like it's moving by adding blur later

  • SVS OG

    So funny! I love this idea and can't wait to see the final!

  • SVS OG

    @rhirsch I really like the story of this image! For feedback the thing that pops up for me is possibly variety of sizes in your shapes ....this is most likely a non-issue but for some reason I feel like increasing the size of the rear wheel by a lot would resolve it for me - feel free to ignore - really nice drawing!

  • I like the concept & sketch. I'm liking the style so far and it has a nice children's book or greeting card look, which goes perfectly with the idea.

    With it set in Japan, I would suggest making it much more compact & crowded. This looks like comfortably wide streets / walkways, and you can't see any buildings. Asian markets make me think of a crowded, chaotic, exciting environment. But I am not an expert on this subject!

  • @gary-wilkinson Agreed. I fixed the perspective on them, I'll post an updated sketch tonight or tomorrow.

  • @kevin-longueil You know, I was looking at that earlier and then went to look at my reference photos and I see it both ways - wheels all the same size, wheels bigger in the back. I will play around with it, thanks for the suggestion.

  • @miriam My favorite reference photo would agree with you. I am still playing with the foreground - I want it crowded but not overlapping the rickshaw or drawing too much focus. I am also playing with background characters so I left some room for them - I don't think the market will pull off crowded without other people. Thanks!

  • @rhirsch
    Maybe you could try some indistinct / blurry crowds in the background? (Like a selective-focus shot if it was a photo).

  • Inked. Some touch ups and tweaks, but ready for some value and color studies.

  • Almost done. A bit of cleanup and some fresh eyes on it tomorrow and I'll submit. If anyone sees anything glaring, feel free to comment. It's possible to miss things when you've stared at a piece too long.

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