Doodling again

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  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen This is really cute! One of my dogs is almost 15 and taking my sock is still her most favorite thing in all the world! The expressions are great---the dog is appeasing and charming and the woman debating whether she really has the heart to take the sock back!! (Or maybe apprehensive about the chase scene that is about to take place! And if those are keys under the shelf where she'll never find them, then you've drawn my life! Ha ha!!)

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    @eli Thank you for the compliment. I was actually playing around with some ideas for a little story I want to illustrate someday. Granny loses her glasses, her keys, a tissue her sock and shoe. The dog and cat help her look. They are in a red hat in the end but I put them on her head in this one 🙂 I used to work at an Institutional laundry and would need to use a pencil and mark order forms as I separated laundry orders. I would always end up with about 4 pencils behind my ears somehow. And I used to always be looking for my 3rd child who, most times, was in my right arm hanging off my hip! 🙂 It's kind of my autobiography...except I'm improved because of my husband who helps keep me in line 🙂

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