How-to-draw book for 10 yo

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    My ten year old nephew continues to show interest in drawing and my wife thinks it's time for a drawing book for him. He likes to learn so if the book isn't a little challenging he'll lose interest. Also, the book needs to stay away from magic themes. I've never been one to look at the how to draw books so that's why I'm asking here hoping that maybe someone has more experience.

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    I bought a bunch of “how-to-draw” books for my kids (6 and 10 now), the kind that show how to build drawings with simple shapes. They hated all of them - the approach was too formulaic for them and the look too cartoony/childish to satisfy my older. One alternative gift could be a set of higher quality art materials. My daughter was completely enthralled by how intense and flexible artist-quality pastels are compared to the stuff she uses in school, for example. She recently won an art competition with a piece she did with my old pastels - which of course enforced the experience :-).
    One book for kids I particularly like (though I have to admit my children didn’t ...but every child is different) is Usborne`s “365 things to draw and paint”. It encourages a very experimental, fun approach which creates some stunning results even in inexperienced hands....

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    Maybe he’d need some help getter ng through it, but Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is a favorite beginning drawing book of many, including myself. It teaches real drawing and observation skills, rather than dependence on a formula. He doesn’t need to read the whole thing, just find and do the exercises.

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    @jon-anderson What if you took him to a bookstore and just let him look through and pick one out that appeals to him? My kids always drew a lot and never used any books or anything. They all trurned out to be very talented just from spending hours drawing whatever they wanted. I bought them sketchbooks to keep down on papers everywhere because they liked loose paper the best. They would only use a few pages of the sketchbook and went back to the loose stuff. Also, thy never liked crayons. I agree with getting some nice quality pencils, etc. My kids also liked the markers that have the fancy clear one that changes the colors when you draw over it, etc.

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