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  • Hi everyone! I have an agent question if anyone could be helpful with this that would be great! @Will-Terry, @Lee-White, @Jake-Parker

    My question is: Is it common for the artist to be responsible for promotion cost, such as hard copy portfolios the agent may keep on hand, direct mailers or agent website access?

    Is that why some agents take a lower commission rate? B/c the artist is putting money towards those other fees? And then agents who have a higher commission % tend to roll those fees into the commission?

    I may have more questions later but thank you in advance!

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    Typically an agent pays for local promos and portfolios, etc. But you will split some of the costs for a major promotion piece or page in a source book.

  • Thanks Lee, this is very helpful! I did re-watched the 3rd Thursday agent video. You mentioned having a budget for advertising and how some agents cover 0%, 50% and so on, so I wasn’t sure if it was a red flag that the artist might have to pay some promotion fees. I guess I'd rather have some promo/advertising fees than have a higher commission % with no promo/advertising fees.


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