Travel WIP critiques welcomed

  • Basically trying to learn digital as I go, so any feedback is welcomed. Not sure if i should be adding more stuff (like luggage or other props) to communicate travel theme?

  • @missmushy It is awesome and super-fun!! Nice! I feel like his "tourist uniform" is really clear and definitely says "travel." Not sure if it needs much else. Maybe a camera around his neck?--if you feel like you need a little something more...

  • @eli Thanks! Camera is a good idea. Might try it out and see if I can make it work. Cheers!

  • Fun piece. Agree with @Eli, the shirt says tourist. You could push the tourist theme and add flip flops or go cheesy with shoes and calf-high socks.

    Some composition notes:
    -his right foot is currently following the line of the fish's right wing. You'll want to change the angle of the foot to avoid that.
    -the fish's right eye probably wouldn't be visible or at that particular angle compared to the left.
    -the right wing would begin a bit lower on the creature's body (comparing to the left wing), so suggest extending that lower line of that wing down more.

    Looking forward to seeing how this piece develops.

  • @johanna-kim Thanks so much for the feedback! I see what you mean about the foot and eye - still working on learning the basics, as you can tell 🙂 Calf socks - love it! Struggled a lot with perspective on the 'wings' - feel as if I might change the angle on the right one completely. Will keep trying! Cheers

  • Revisited the idea. Started reminiscing about when Dad was in charge of travel plans and we all had to just go with it. 😃 Ideas in my head always exceed my drawing capabilities so all critiques are welcome.

  • 1st colour pass. Still trying to figure out how colours work in digital format.

  • This is really a fun idea! I love the woman on the fish because she looks like she's having so much fun. Is that luggage in the background behind the raft?

  • @twiggyt thanks! yes supposed to be luggage but not reading clearly. Still playing with shapes to figure it out

  • This is so joyful! 🙂 I'm sorry for the little girl though! Really cool idea for an image.

    To me, the little orange fish seems to draw a lot of attention and break the flow of the image a bit. Could cropping the bottom of the picture help simplify the image and draw your eye around the illustration more easily? (My eye seems to loop around from big fish to raft to luggage and back again quite smoothly without the little fish) Just an idea to consider, of course, and my crop example may not be in the right place...


  • @kathrynadebayo thanks for the feedback! I have to confess the little fish was a bit of an afterthought. but I see what you mean about it being a distraction. Will consider cropping or maybe play with scale/colour. Thankfully it is on a separate layer 😀

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