The Monkey King and Why I Love Digital

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    Pretty sure i would have a stack of doodles like the first image below if it was not for working digitally - forever grateful for finding SVS! I feel like i am about finished with this one - let me know if there are any glaring issues with it that i am missing - i'm feeling like it fits in well with the rest of the images in the series - this is the Monkey king with the Golden Cap in his posession - One more to go! (need to finish the Kalidah : )



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    This is beautiful - I can see a clear evolution in your drawings from the beginning to end. This version of WOZ is going to be stunning - are you going to offer it in print?

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    Really great painting, my only thoughts are the wings behind his head could do with a touch more rendering. I am not sure about the stars should they offer some illumination? or is that a design choice to frame the character?

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    Gorgeous illustration! Agree with @Jason-Bowen about the wings but otherwise, love the composition, textures and the Monkey King's expression.

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    Gorgeous work as always @Kevin-Longueil ! Love this one.

  • @kevin-longueil HOW are you so amazing!? I adore all of these--and this may be my favorite. I love the expression on the Monkey King's face. That is one of the coolest moments in the book for me--when she gives the monkeys the cap. You've really captured it.

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    @smceccarelli Thank you so much Simona!! I really appreciate your support - I have never done this before but I am thinking I can set it up as a publish on demand with Kindle Direct Publishing when I set up the ebook - so if I can offer it in print I definately will - (I would love to have a hard copy of it on my shelf) - would like to put them all together on a large print too but 21 images is such an odd number... 3 rows of 7 ?? I have been thinking lately that I should have taken graphic design those many years ago in art school - Thank you again!

    @Jason-Bowen @Johanna-Kim Thank you both so much for the kind words and critique!! - i will keep checking back on the wings as you both mention - right now i feel good about them being flat and crudely rendered but if they are distracting that is not a good thing ..maybe just a slight bit more of hint at the feather texture? @Jason-Bowen The stars are a symbol that show up in many of the drawings along with the swirls - i like the "unrealism" that the floating stars add too - i went back and forth all day about their addition but it feels much more "right" with them in there i think - thank you both again for taking the time to critique 🙂

    @evilrobot Thank you William!! I really struggled with this one!

    @Eli Wow- you made my day!! I think it is the coolest moment in the book too! So glad that you feel like i captured it - thank you for the very kind words too 🙂

  • @kevin-longueil I like the detail on that helmet--very cool! The textures in this image are nice as well.

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    @miriam Thank you Miriam 🙂

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    @kevin-longueil beautiful!

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    @marsha-kay-ottum-owen Thank you Marsha!

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