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    Question for the podcast: Aside from the great forum here at SVS what are the best ways to receive meaningful feedback on our illustrations to know we are actually progressing toward making pro level work?

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    Looking forward to the podcast! If you could illustrate a small story based off of one of your favorite songs, which song would it be?
    Basically I've been wanting to do a book dummy for practice, but based off of one of my favorite songs
    ("Pyramid Song" by Radiohead. ) It's poetry to me! I know I shouldn't illustrate each line of the song and I know it may not look like a children's book based off of the lyrics and mood of the song. But was curious about you guys and what song from one of your favorite bands would you illustrate? Thanks! Todd Ackerman @fauxtoddgraphy

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    @lee-white too many great videos, haven’t seen that one yet. 😅 It’s on my list... but let’s be honest, they all are.

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    Here are some on my mind - at least partly - right now. I can guess what the answers would be, but I think it would still be very interesting to hear your perspectives:

    • What are some of your methods and approaches for time-efficiency and consistency when working on a (long) series of illustrations? (I collected one or two from hints in your videos and they are exceedingly useful).

    • Should an illustrator master graphic design? (Thinking about typography and layout specifically. I know a fair amount, but it never seems to be enough...)

    • Illustrators vs writer-illustrators. Career and business aspects, marketability, profile and promotion.

    About the last one. I have noticed that writer-illustrators often have different web-sites and different social media presence compared to illustrators. I find myself confused between the two when presenting myself (when do you show your portfolio vs when do you show your dummies when you have only 5 minutes?). I´d like to understand better how a combination of the two activities is managed from the personal brand perspective or when and how you transition from one to the other. I know you are probably in the middle of it yourselves - but far more advanced and experienced!

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    How about understanding copyrights? Sometimes the prevailing message is that work is automatically under copyright protection. But every once in a while it comes up in a way that makes me worry that I am missing something that I should be doing. For example it is mentioned in the class about understanding contracts.

  • I want to know where the three of you see yourselves in the next ten years artistically. What sort of breakthroughs or goals do you have in mind.

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    What's the best way to sign one's artwork on social media? My concerns are related to copyright, branding and marketing. Lately, I've been including a copyright symbol with my full name, which of course speak to my copyright concern. I've also seen some folks just put their personal stamp with initials or name. I personally like the look of the personal stamp, but it provides the least information. And some artists put their web address, which supports branding and marketing, but I like that look the least.

  • @Lee-White I've always wondered about how @Jake-Parker and @Will-Terry go about getting ready for a Comic Con and to go along with that how they determine pricing for their prints and commissions at cons and outside of cons.

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    Studies: besides copying, what is your step by step process for studying other peoples' paintings? Do you list the elements of design (line, value, shape, colour, composition etc.) and make notes on how an artist handles each of these? how do you know you are studying something that's 'good' , particularly as relates to contemporary artists? (I just know what I like).

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    I'd like to hear about keeping a positive outlook and how to enjoy your work even though you know it isn't as good as it could be. It seems that it is easy to start comparing and, as I learn more, it is harder to ignore flaws. The old perfectionistic syndrome that sometimes keeps us from moving forward through the 'ugly " stages.

  • I second @smceccarelli ’s request to hear about whether to learn typography and layout. I frequently feel like I need to go back to school for another education.

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    @lee-white I'll ask the question I put in the forums the other day. In regards to portfolio and websites, how many good quality pieces should you have? I was asked if I had a website a while back, but I haven't built one yet. I only have about 3 finished illustrations (2 of which, I think need reworking) and a bunch of random practice sketches. I use Instagram all the time, but I don't feel justified in putting together a website yet. That just feels like a step in a more professional direction.

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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the questions. We recorded the podcast today and it was so much fun! Podcasts should start coming out next week! : )

  • @Lee-White @Jake-Parker @Will-Terry

    Are there any other learning resources (Books, Videos, Websites) that you guys can recommend for learning the technical aspects of art? Maybe a book or something that gave you a moment of clarity or advanced your skills in a fundamental kind of way.

    On a separate note, the first three podcasts have been incredible and such a huge inspiration and help. You guys are doing a great job!


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  • @robincampbellart It's called 3 point perspective: the illustration podcast

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