Need help with a color study and lighting.

  • Hi guys. I need some help with figuring out lighting/color on this piece. The light source is a full moon off camera, but I'm not sure about how strong to make that influence - I like the warmth of the color of their skin, and I don't want a blue light to make them look like zombies. The other light source to add some warmth is the fireflies. Anyway, any comments would be most welcome. Thanks!


  • @laurel-aylesworth Hi first thought looking at this scene is that the middle ground is too close in value to many of the figures. Especially looking from this distance, many of those figures sort of fade into the environment. Changing that in some way..different value, or slightly warmer hue may be a start? Looking forward to seeing this progress.

  • Hi, I actually really like your color pallet but I think you have issues with focusing the reader's eye, I'm not sure where to look. If there is an intended focal point I would to make a reason to have more saturation and light in that area possibly a torch light to add warmth in one area. I also think the tree is dividing the page directly in half and your hidden character in that tree will be in the gutter or very near it, not sure if that is an issue.

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    You could always warm the party up with some Chinese style lights maybe?

  • @djlambson Good thinking - I see what you're saying. I'll play around with the ground color.

  • @rcartwright You're right about the focal point. I wanted to have the ladies in soft, muted tones and have the dwarfs more saturated so they stand out, so maybe I need to work on that contrast more.

  • Hey Laurel. I like where this is going. I also love that you're putting a lot of characters in the same image. That's something I'm trying to force myself to do. I picked a few references that may help you (or not). They seem to share the same lighting situation you're trying to achieve.




    It looks like in each image, the moon is off to the side and out of view but not directly above.
    I agree with the comment about the tree splitting the image in half. Also, since the 2 girls/women are in the foreground (and shielded from moonlight by the trees), it seems like they should be larger and darker to help the viewer determine distance. I did a quick adjustment to show what I mean.


    Anyway, that's how I would approach the image.
    Good luck!

  • @demetrius YES! Thank you so much.

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