Third Thursday/vlog idea

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    I just re-watched the “How Did They Get Their Start?” Video and I was thinking... I would really love to hear the stories of some of our SVS subscribers. Like I know @smceccarelli has talked a lot about having her agent and mentioned what she used to do before, but it would be cool to hear the whole story. And I want to know more about @Kevin-Longueil ‘s awesome oz project. And about @MirkaH ‘s printmaking. And I know a few subscribers have signed with agents in the last few months and it would be cool to learn more about how that came about. So maybe there are too many for Third Thursday, but I’m listening to @Will-Terry ’s latest vlog interview and thought maybe that would be a good place for this sort of thing.

    Would anyone else find that sort of thing interesting?

  • SVS OG

    @sarah-luann Thanks for the shout out! I've got twenty OZ pieces up on my portfolio site and i think i'm about done (maybe one more to go) will definitely share with everyone how the whole Kindle Direct Publishing thing works out (or fails to work out) when the project is complete - thanks again 🙂

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