Personal Project WIP (first digital recreation)

  • @stringfellowart excellent question and my answer is I didnt do any of that. So i was just going off the original drawing which was just a pose I painted as reference with my own twist. And this kept the pose while changing it slightly. It's mostly just a character drawing without any story really.

  • @jason-kilthau I think @stringfellowart makes a great point. It's fine to make a character without making a story, but by putting that character in a scene you should consider why they are there and what they are doing. First thing that would come to mind with this piece is that she could be interrogating the mushroom or draining the life from it (maybe it could be your main light source as it's energy spills out) If the mushroom is her companion and they are just chilling, then maybe you could put in hints of a battle they just fought or the food they are cooking.

  • @gary-wilkinson I actually just thought of idea where the mushroom is telling her something and point off in a direction so I'm making that change right now and I'll post an update when I'm done with that. Thank you both for the help!

  • So here is an update to the piece now. I feel like it tells at least a little bit of a story now, what that is is up to the viewer. I also attempted to adjust the arms and jaw a little bit, but I think with the way they are looking now the head makes a little more sense. To me anyway, like I stated before I am not used to drawing anatomy so yeah..

  • Wow! I really like the changes--it makes a big difference and I find the image very engaging.

  • That's a hell of a lot of improvement!

    What will you be doing with the flat grey area behind the trees?

    My instinct would be to add a slight gradient of a (slightly) lighter value near the tree tops to a darker value near the bushes. It'll help them pop and keep the background from seeming dead.

  • @art-of-b Thank you! I plan to do more tress just kind of fading in the back maybe a couple more taller bushes as well. But I wasn't going to do that until I did my colors. There are a few other small details I will add in after color is added as well. So it definitely won't be left plain!

    @Eli Thank you! It's great how just a couple small changes pretty much makes it all different!

  • Hi Jason, it's great to see such improvement! It means you've been working hard- well done.

    I know you said you aren't used to anatomy, but I think taking a bit more time to understand what's going on in her chest/arm/shoulder area, will go a long way and will only serve you in the future. What better time to study a few basics then now? You don't need to necessarily know the detailed anatomy, but breaking them down into simplified masses and learning how they interact with help you attain more believability in the anatomy. Michael Hampton's anatomy book as well as Proko's youtube videos are good sources to help with anatomy. Using reference will also help a ton. Even taking a picture of yourself in the same pose may be very beneficial.

    I've done a paintover, that is by no means perfect, but I feel brings you a little closer. The main thing I'm keeping in mind and trying to portray is that the pectoral muscle meets with the deltoid, the deltoid apears to wrap around behind the bicep, and the bicep sort of gets tucked under the deltoid/pectoral. Understanding and hinting at those relationship will go a long way.



    As far as the pose goes, I agree with others in that it doesn't feel very natural. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It reminds me very much of formal commissioned portraits, where the person is posed and sometimes given props to that indicate their status or profession. If you were going for a more natural scene, where it's more of a moment in time, then I would play with poses more in the beginning stages of your planning process. I do think that your latest revision does help the pose feel a bit more natural.

    Anyways, again, great job! I'm looking forward to seeing it progress to color.

  • Hi @TessaW thank you for this feedback! I searched for some arms as reference yesterday but the images you found serve the image itself a lot better with their angles so thank you for that. And also thank you for the references (Hampton and Proko) I'll look into both of them for sure.

    I'll get back into making some adjustments this evening and tomorrow, I'm thinking now about the legs positioning as well but I don't really want to spend too much more time adjusting the pose. I want to thank you for the draw-over, it really helps show what you explained and I am seeing exactly what you mean.

    I think after I make some of the adjustments you suggested, I will play around with some other touch ups I have noticed myself and then get the color going!

  • Alright so I started applying color and it has been a process! I am thinking I am going to be taking a lot more time than I anticipated but that's okay! I think so I don't get worn out of working on this piece I will be starting some other ones I have sketched out, but wanted to share the progress so far.

    alt text

  • So here is the final version.

    And here is a side by side. I also saved progress pictures to put them together in some sort of like gif or something, but idk how to do that so I'll figure it out lol.

    alt text

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