Licensing Class (Finished project Birds with Hats Fall Collection)

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    Finished this up tonight. Three main icons and four supporting patterns. Did some hand lettering not really good but maybe passable.

  • these turned out so great! LOVE the owl and the smoking bluejay cracks me up and is completely awesome!

  • Looks great I think the new text is much easier to read and works well with the illustrations. Another +1 on loving the bluejay, it has a really nice color harmony to it

  • You have a typo on the bottom left. Fall is shown as FAll

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    Great job on these. I agree with the word Fall, make the A lower case and you are golden with it.

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    Thanks for the comments and catching that typo! I'm hoping this is the right fit for me and my artwork I really enjoy it. I made my corrections and sent out a bunch of submissions today. Wondering about time frame as far as if they like the work how long do they take to get back to you...weeks, months, a year?

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    Actually didn't take long at all for a response. I emailed 10 companies and got back 5 rejections and 1 agent rejection. 3 companies and one agent gave me some feedback which was pretty much...your artwork is not suitable for licensing...? Which there is pretty much nothing to be done about my art is what it is... which so far seems to be unfit for any market that pays

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    Just got another one... This one does give some good feedback though. Seems it's the subject matter this is the problem. At least according to her.

    "Your art is actually quite good but the subject matter will not work for licensing. My suggestions are:

    #1 Go to Studio M’s website and look carefully at the subject matter and the fact they like bright colors.

    #2 Also look at Paper Product Designs website for the same reason.

    #3 Look up Vicky Sawyer, Fab Funky, Two Can Art, and Mary Ingelbreit for cute characters.

    Hope that helps: > )

  • Pro SVS OG

    @evilrobot You work is great, like with any field it just requires more research to figure out where you fit within art licensing and what sells. I have a graphic very cutesy style and most of what I see out there is painterly.

    It's great you got constructive feedback from that last one. Keep going and keep looking at things in stores etc.

    I think it can be hard to try and fit old work into a new field. Try building a new collection based on research. Your birdies are cute and that is only a handful of rejections! Keep at it!!

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    @evilrobot PS rejections just mean you're working hard and actually taking chances. Rack them up and be proud that you have the guts to do it in the first place!

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    @charlie-eve-ryan thanks I'm actually glad I got some feedback usually don't get anything. I just got excited and threw my stuff out there too fast. Going to do a lot more research and take a few months to try to put something more suitable together. I like the market I just got to figure out what they need...and if I need to change to a different style of work.

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    @evilrobot Keep us posted! You are inspiring for trying! I love your enthusiasm, and the birds are darling.

  • ARGH that's crazy! I hope you end up getting a bite on some of your stuff--it's so good! I am not in any way the yard flag type, but I was thinking " I'd put that out at my house!" There's a niche out there for your work.

  • SVS OG

    Wow, it’s awesome you got something together and sent it out though. And rejection is hard but at least you got feedback. And it’s not that they were saying your work is bad, just that it doesn’t work for them, which is entirely different! So maybe not the very best outcome, but a good one. 😊 I’m trying to get something together to submit too, but figuring out the right style and subject matter is tricky.

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    Thanks for sharing your feedback. BTW i love your owl with the spectacle thingy

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