• Hello, everyone. I only recently discovered SVS and am excited about all the opportunities for learning and growth here! I feel like I have a very different vibe to my illustrations than a lot of you here, as I do very little digitally, but it seems like a welcoming group to many styles. Here is my entry for "Old and New."



  • Hello it has been only two months since I discovered SVS. I am on a sabatical year traveling and I have been taking many courses and loving it!!! I don’t have a computer with me so I have to make everything “the old way”.

    In my proposal, the most valuable thing I could think of, is the connection between an old grandma and her new daughter. It reminds me of great moments that I had myself with my grandma.
    I had lots of fun drawing and water coloring! Thanks a lot!

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    Here's my Old and New contribution, with my characters from last month's Octopus theme. This illustration had a lot of challenges but much thanks to the valuable feedback from @kevin-longueil @gary-wilkinson @jason-bowen @kathrynadebayo, it's one of my stronger efforts.

    Johanna Kim


  • Hi here’s mine - I went a bit crazy with Procreate and I know it’s a bit too er🤨colourtastic ! However... 0_1522187231428_D86AED77-840F-4FBB-8CBC-E583830C148D.jpeg

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    @evilrobot That is an interesting concept with the skull heads but yet the flesh arms. Is this from a fairytale or ?

  • 0_1522190755758_DE2C47E1-F280-4CF7-A980-448AD8BA0FF4.jpeg

    Oops sorry resolution a bit low last time 🤪

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    @artwithashley Funny! Had to chuckle.

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    The topic brought to mind how my dogs will destroy their old favorite toy and be totally excited to get a new one.


  • Amazing theme for this month.. I have really enjoyed making this one.
    My svs name is parul
    My name is Manali Rajvansh
    Here's were i have shared my work.


  • 0_1522242119904_old and new_color_small.jpg

    This is my robot workshop for this moth challenge 🙂

    Please check out my instagram if you like my style ❤

    But you can find me by my name on artstation and facebook too.
    Good Luck to you all! I see some great pictures here already.

  • @maureen - Glad it made you chuckle!

  • I have had this on the back burner for a while but since it is old and new I thought I would post it. 0_1522338908000_Dragon Bath.jpg

  • @stringfellowart Thank you thank you, but please don't let this intimidate you out of posting. That's the last thing I would want. SVS is a school where we strive to improve out skills there's enough work to go around out there. And the better our peers are, the better we become, but only if we are willing to put ourselves out there. There will always be artist out there who are better than us. but we can let that stop us, we have to use that as fuel for our drive. The biggest thing that separates the good from the great is effort. When it comes down to it, we are only up against ourselves. You only ever need to be better than you were yesterday, and then one day you will find that you are creating pieces you never imagined you could. So please create something for this.

  • @Naters-Calderone I agree, @stringfellowart, I was looking forward to seeing your entry this month!

  • alt text

    Hi, here is my submission to this month's contest. I hope people like it~ When I read the prompt I thought "old as dinosaurs", and then what's even older that dinosaurs? Dinosaur bones! And so there is nothing new like babies - a new life into the world, and technology is always new of course. So, I made it robotic babies! 😃 I also put a umbilical cord in there to show the robot is newly born from the egg.

    I was struggling a bit with this one but thanks to all the encouragement on the forums I decided to finish it. Thanks everyone! I would have liked to spend more time on it but it's coming down to the wire and there is only 24 hours in a day, and the end of the month is coming up soon, so I have to call it done.

  • Alright friends, well maybe soon to be friends I guess... I've only posted on the forums like once, but I follow a few of you on instagram with @zacharyryan_art. Anyway, this is all new to me. I mean like almost all of it. Illustrating, digital stuff, learning to draw again. I've been watching classes quite a bit and super grateful for this site. So here is my entry. I immediately thought of the 1979 bright yellow Lada I drive here in Slovakia, and then inspired by one of my favorite movies, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, but then it ended up looking like the magic school bus hahaha! Didn't realize it till I did the sky blue. 0_1522434705678_Untitled_Artwork.jpg

  • @johannapuhl I love it!!! The colors are amazing! And the robotic arm on the girl. Nailed it 🙂

  • SVS OG

    @kat This made me laugh!

  • SVS OG

    @juliepeelart , thanks! That’s what I was hoping for 🙂

  • 0_1522459989742_old_and_new_kaylah_harris.jpg

    I had so much fun working on this painting. I recently watched Lee's loosening up in watercolor video, so I experimented with the techniques from the video. I also used masking fluid for the first time and I got to use the fancy M.Graham paint my husband got me as an early birthday gift (my birthday is tomorrow :D).

    Working on this painting was such a different experience than working on last month's entry was. Last month I was so stressed because I was trying to do the whole thing start to finish on the day it was due.This month, I gave myself more time and I didn't psych myself out about so many people seeing it. I didn't put the pressure on myself that it had to be the greatest thing I had ever done. I just played with my paints and it was fun.

    Anyways, old and new. The barn's old, she's new, and she's going to make the barn new again.

    Also, Lee, I would love it if you made more watercolor videos!

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