Self Publishing Through Kickstarter - feedback?

  • Hello SVS!

    I had a short story in mind and decided to try self publishing it/using Kickstarter. It started out as a personal book dummy project, but got a couple of requests to take it further, and now felt like a better time than ever to try out self publishing before officially looking for/signing up with an agency.

    Backstory aside, would it be okay to ask for feedback on this KS campaign so far? It launches next week. I'm going in kind of blind and if there's anything that needs improvement (whether its the campaign or art itself) I'm all ears! My one ask is perhaps no critique on the characters' looks? I know twin puff hairstyles are played out and the gator doesn't have "true" alligator anatomy, but I kind of selfishly like how they are now, ha.

    Alternatively, if anyone else is thinking about self pub through Kickstarter route, I'll be happy to experiment and answer questions anyone might have (whether setting up the campaign, during or after, etc)!
    Thank you guys!

    alt text

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