New class idea?

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    @will-terry oh really, that's awesome!

  • I second this idea and excited that one is being made!

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    Nice! This would be a great addition to the curriculum.

  • @will-terry I can't tell you who the guest artist is yet because he's not under contract yet but he and I have been working on this for about 3 months now and should start filming in March! So excited because he was one of my art heroes while I was in school in the 90's.

  • Not to take over your thread, but I would love to see a class on how to make images consistent throughout a book.

  • @eric-castleman I think some of that is explored in the "Children's book illustration" video

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    @Will-Terry Can you do one on different weather conditions as well, or incorporate it. Also if it's a popular class can I have a commission haha

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    @eric-castleman It is covered in some of the other classes but, yeah, I'd love to see a way more in depth class on character consistency. It is the single hardest thing for me.

  • Another vote for the "consistency" class!!

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    On the business side, I have a lot of questions surrounding how to reproduce quality artwork in a time-and-cost efficient way. It seems like there are several pathways depending on how the art is produced. A class that explains each one with the pros and cons would be really helpful!

    For example, if I am producing art traditionally, is it:
    paint --scan---photoshop--print
    paint--printshop--print ($)
    Or just figure out digitally how to create it?

    Once I have a file, what do I look for to get it printed?
    Do I go through a shop that does professional photography or fine art?
    Do I buy my own printer?
    Are there places that do both? What about shipping, packing and matting? Are there industry standards, expectations or shortcuts?

    Sometimes from watching videos it seems like artists sketch digitally, then print onto paper, then ink, and color and then it is all digital again. What kind of paper and ink and printer does that? What are customers hoping for in a quality print that they have purchased? Do they need to be numbered? There are so many possibilities. A class on the process of reproducing art, and equipment basics would be great. It is hard to know what to invest in. If this is already out there in a class please let me know!

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    One more @Will-Terry. I would love a class on illustrating some of the beautiful diversity of people in this world. Including, different ages, abilities/disabilities, races, and ethnicities. I know it can be a tricky thing because there is some inherent sensitivity. People want to be portrayed in a good light, but not stereo-typically, or unkindly, or inaccurately. It seems like in books for school especially, it is becoming more important to be able to portray lots of variety in skin tone and body type. I am excited about this because I really believe there is beauty everywhere, and kids love seeing themselves in books. But I also want to do it well and gracefully. Any help is is appreciated! References, guidelines, pitfalls to watch for etc. Thanks!

  • @juliepeelart Agreed!! A diversity in illustration class would be awesome. Will Terry has a YouTube with Tyrus Goshay about this topic. It's not so much a tutorial as a discussion, but it's worth a watch. Here's a link if you haven't seen it.

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    @eli I will check it out. Thanks!

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    Setting up color profiles for digital illustration single and dual monitor setups:

    The MOST frustrating thing with digital illustration is having an illustration that looks fantastic on your screen show up somewhere else and look terrible, too dark, washed out, or colors way over saturated. I'd love a class that just shows the steps you need to take to get your monitors tuned in and the best way to export files and also best way to convert from RGB to CMYK and keep your colors looking close.

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    @evilrobot I'm teaching a Live Digital painting class in the fall that will go over this information. it will also go in the subscription next year at some point as well. : )

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    @lee-white Nice!:)

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