Octopus WIP

  • Hi, all.
    I've played in watercolor for a bit and am trying to learn digital with my Bamboo and Photoshop CS6 on a PC.
    I'd appreciate your thoughts on my sketch, attempt in watercolor, and attempt in digital of "Tub Time" for the February Octopus contest.
    Thanks, Maureen
    0_1519049627874_Octopus_Tub Time_Sketch_Crit_Maureen.jpg 0_1519049639335_Octopus_Tub_Time_WC_Crit_Maureen.jpg 0_1519049652699_Octopus_Tub_Time-Digital-Crit_Maureen.jpg

  • I certainly like to watercolor piece.

  • I agree with @Nyrryl-Cadiz watercolor is the one I like as well.

  • Thanks, @nyrryl-cadiz I wish I could learn digital because it would "seem" to be easier to correct mistakes. I don't know if switching to something better than a Bamboo would help or if I just don't "get" digital.

  • Thanks, @chip-valecek I appreciate the comment. Wish I could figure out what I do wrong in digital. Maybe just have not learned enough or ?

  • @maureen I've seen some pro guys that work at a very high level on a bamboo but I hated using one

  • @maureen The octopus is looking good on the digital version. The boat and duck seem to be flat. Maybe by adding some value to them it would work with the octopus more. The watercolor version has value to all the pieces which seem to work together better.

  • @maureen Don't give up. You'll definiely get there. I'm using a wacom intuos myself.

  • @Maureen i'm not sure what you use for digital but creating a watercolor effect is pretty difficult without filters. looking at your watercolor art and the new digital art... using procreate on an ipad pro with apple pencil you could create something as grainy by laying the apple pencil slightly on its side and a 6b pencil brush. the brush setting should be somewhat transparent. you can use the smudge tool to blend colors together as well... if you have someone close to you with the ipad and apple pen... try procreate out... or look it up on youtube for demos... i love watercolor best too but digital is getting to be more fun every day... good luck! mike

  • Thanks, @late2theparty For the digital image, I just worked in Photoshop CS6 on my Bamboo tablet. But I really don't like having to draw in one area and view in a different area. I was not trying to create a watercolor effect with the digital, just trying to create a digital illustration. Apparently I have to put in more texture, etc., to make digital look better but was trying to put less in the boat and duck so it would look more "plastic." I guess that is not the way to do it. 🙂

  • @maureen i had a drawing tablet and photoshop cs and couldn't get the hang of drawing in one place and looking in another either... the ipad pro has been such an upgrade... good luck!

  • @maureen I really like the sketch. Apart from the duck it looks pretty finished itself. Concerning color, definitely watercolour version! Good luck on finishing! 🙂

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