Just Finished this one!

  • 0_1518969874728_Untitled_Artwork.jpg
    A harsh Criticism will be much appreciated 🙂
    thx guys!

  • Interesting shapes on these guys. My crit would be that the light horns on the orange dragon/dino are so light and contrasted against the dark background that they look like the main focus of your drawing. I keep getting stuck on them. He also seems like the odd man out in the story. I really like to green character. He has great personality and action. The purple character looks like he's nervous which supports what happening to the green character.
    Overall really well done!

  • Thank you, this actually very helpful, my eyes failed to see how the horns actually derived the focal point from the dragons!.
    I am gonna go ahead and try to blend them with the background.
    Thank you, that's very helpful!.

  • @sami-k It's very cool! However I agree about horns... (Honestly, I thought this was a fourth character standing, who fell on his head... silly me 😉

  • love the line work and caricature... pen and ink has always been a favorite of mine... even digital now... i tend to agree with everyone though... the light, large horns are distracting. reduce their size, darken their value, eliminate them... not sure... overall i like it though... especially the subtle mouse trap on the tail... good luck!

  • Hi Sami!

    Great work 🙂
    I really love a lot of things about this piece! The drawing is very good. I love the characters and expressions. And your line art is awesome!

    2 main problems in my opinion (since you asked for a harsh critique 😉

    1. Values - If you turn this to grayscale, everything is pretty much the same value except the big yellow horns (as mentionned by someone else). I think it's ok to change the horns, BUT i think you need to have more variation of value between the three characters AND between the characters and background.

    2. Story - It took me a very long time to see the mouse trap. I am also unsure of what's going on in the scene. Where are the dragons? Why is there a mouse trap? Why is 1 dragon bored? (seems a little out of place). WHAT IF, the room was full of mice trap (like several lying on the floor) and both the purple and orange dragon where scared of stepping in a trap? But of course that's just one idea, there's probably several other way to make this work story wise!

    Anyway, like I said, I love a LOT of things about this piece. I think it really have potential 🙂

  • @aska thank you, yea I am working on it 🙂

  • @nowayme Thank you for your feed back, its very helpful.
    My weakness always been in values, maybe because i don't understand it.
    I just turned the piece into black and white, and I can see exactly what u mean!
    I am gonna mess with the values and see what happens.
    About the story, ur actually right, and I like ur mouse traps everywhere thing, I think i'm gonna go with it!.

    thank you so much for ur feedback!.

  • @aska So did !!

  • My only Critique would be the horns, at first i thought it was apart of a forth dragon behind the other three, it wasn't until i looked closer that i realized that they were horns for the orange dino. I loved the expressions on these fells though, made me smile ^_^

  • I like this piece and the coloring is great but I agree with other comments I would change the horns but also consider directing the green guy's head to the right if you remove the horns

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