Beginner wanting to learn it all in one day..

  • It's so frustrating to be a newb. But I know we've all been there. Have to share on SVS because no one here understands my pain. 🙂 I've been through Will Terry's beginner photoshop I think 3 times now, several other youtube videos focusing on tone and shading..and yet I feel like I'm working like an imbecile. I'm satisfied with the drawing [I think..maybe the sketch itself should have had more shading in it] but will obviously do this over a few more times. I was so happy that I could lengthen his leg and move the cat from the center using the lasso. Incredible. I will love this stuff once I get on to it. This is the end of the day and I feel like I may be on the cusp of understanding. 🙂 My frustration is obviously with color and shading. I've also been dealing with a brand new huion and mac set up, so much of the frustration is not only my lack of digital art skills, but a wobbly set up that kept switching brushes, erasers and at one point I had the tablet itself backwards, so right was left and up was down. ohmygosh. anyway, along with user error an updated driver helped..
    Thank you for letting me share my frustrating day. I'll work on subtle shading, blending..something.. tomorrow. Hopefully I can sleep on it and something will sink in while I sleep. Of course, you may critique or advise or encourage..whichever you feel moved to do! I know, you will not know where to start..

    ![alt text](0_1518659067021_5gracieIMG_4206 copy copy.jpg image url)

  • @djlambson I SO feel your pain! I posted earlier with a Photoshop emergency of my own!! (complete newbie here!) I feel like it tried to squash me like a bug. But we will get there!!! Just keep practicing. And I think your image looks good!

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    @djlambson I agree that Photoshop is so tough at the beginning, especially if you are used to working traditionally! It feels like it's hard enough just to produce good artwork, and then you get stuck one some simple technical point. I think it took me a year to get a handle on the basics and I'm still not there yet. And furthermore, there's no one right way to do any of it!

    Not to confuse matters, but if you have PS CC 2018, you have all the Kyle watercolor brushes for free. Those might suit your style well!

    I think your drawing line quality, your choice of colors, and the general feel to it are all quite nice. It looks rather Ernest and Celestine. Now that you've learned how to move things with the lasso tool (a great advantage to digital!), take a look at how the cat and the girl bear are positioned on top of the guy bear's toes. It you overlap them somewhat, it will look more like they are behind him and less like they are balancing on top.


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    I understand where your coming from, just keep powering forward. I have a ugee 2150 and the driver issues I had were killing the software functions. It was so frustrating. Now I have windows 10 everything works again so finally I can keep marching on. Keep practising and learning and you will get better and better 🙂

  • You all are great..thanks so much for the encouraging words @eli @Jason-Bowen @LauraA

    Thanks so much for that advice @LauraA ..I knew something wasn't quite right there but couldn't see it..will look for the Kyle brushes!

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