Octopus WIP (crits welcome)

  • Got a little time to work on some of my painting still have a wayyyy to go, but I would appreciate your thoughts on how it's looking so far. I'm trying out some new painting styles to try and be a bit more painterly so although it's a struggle I feel like i'm learning a lot. I still need to give the octopuses a much more wet feel and add all the pirates and broken pirate ships along with a lot of other issues, but one thing i'm unsure of yet is what to do with the foreground tentacle that is holding the phone. The 2nd image was my original design, but I think that the 1st image may help the image flow better and draw your eye more to the octopuses once the shadow on the sea has been refined more.I just felt that the perspective of the foreground tentacle was off and as I wanted it to be in shadow (to make it less pronounced) it made no sense due to the position of the sun.

    I think If I do the 1st image style then I will probably add a lot of debris and small pieces to the lower left corner to help frame it a bit better and I can also add props under the shadow to point more towards the octopuses. Hope I can find time again to finish it off 😕

    1_1519179546607_octopus line3b.jpg

    0_1519179546607_octopus line3.jpg

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    This is a great image @Gary-Wilkinson! For what it's worth the first image "feels" better. I think the things you pointed out about the foreground arm are a little distracting and come across as a part of land instead of part of an octopus. Either way I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished!

  • @gary-wilkinson clear and fun story! such a cool idea 🙂

  • Nice colors, The tentacles look chunky they seem to lack the elegance and rhythm that real ones have

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    This is looking really fantastic. 2nd one is working much better frames everything in nice. You just need some more boat debris and maybe a few survivors floating around. Right now my eye is drawn straight to that empty spot in the middle like something important is suppose to be there.

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    @gary-wilkinson I do like the first image better. And I like the text you have on the octopi faces. You could always have water dripping down from the foreground tentacle since its closest to us.

  • @Gary-Wilkinson This is looking really good. I love the colors and the shapes. I prefer the first image as it feels more believable -- in the second it feels as though the arms are too far away -- although the second does a better job of framing. The only thing at this stage that niggles is the eyes, the outside eyes feel too bulbous, like they stick out too far from the face compared to the inside eyes.

  • @Jon-Anderson thanks for the input Jon. I agree about the arm, I was actually considering changing it to part of the coast rather than the tentacle.

    @aska thanks Aska, hoping to make it something good to look at, but also tell a good story.

    @rcartwright I agree with the tentacles, I hope the final piece will push them to be a bit more interesting and varied.

    @evilrobot The 2nd one does frame it better, but I think it also creates a distraction, so I'm going to find a better better way to frame it. There will be many an escaping pirate in that empty space, don't worry 😛

    @stringfellowart I was wondering where I put text on the face, but i'm guessing you were meaning texture, right? 😃 Water dripping off the front tentacle sounds like a great idea, thanks
    @bnewman glad that the first image is the one that getting the vote as that was the one I decided to change it to 🙂 You're right about the eyes, I think they need some trimming!

  • This post is deleted!

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    @gary-wilkinson Sigh. Again, I blame auto correct, and general lack of sleep from small children. :p

  • More work to do on the sea area and background, as well as a load of other things, but it's slowly coming along


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