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  • Seems like there is no thread about this class at the moment so i think we could start a new one.
    Wanted to share my "dream portfolio" as a homework for the video about finding your own style.

    My dream portfolio would be about digital illustration and character design, since I would love to do paintings for card games like Hearthstone and other illustration parts of video games.
    For me it was a very helpful lecture because it always bothered me that everyone tells you "your style will just come naturally". I am able to draw in several styles but end up many times with pretty faces only. I noticed quiet a difference between my own work and the one I love the most and it motivates me pursue these examples and bring more consistency to my portfolio.

    Have some of you done this homework too? What did you learn from it and do you have any more strategies in finding your style? 🙂


  • SVS OG

    Hi @Johanna! I actually did start a dream portfolio thread about a week ago. Didn't get any replies to it though. Maybe we can keep each other updated on how we're doing. I think it's a great class. My style is mainly black/white pencil illustrations and I sometimes add flat color in Photoshop. Color is a big issue for me because I suck at applying it. I would love to stay more traditional and teach myself to use some medium of paint. Right now I'm deciding which artist to pick for a master copy.0_1518664692469_ArtistSheet120.jpg

  • @Tamisha You're dream portfolio looks amazing! I also love the pencil style (and black ink style too) and I too am struggling with colour. I recently tried a method of coloring digitally (with Krita) by first applying a value base and putting a single colour on top of that. Then I added additional colours to things that needed to stand out more. I quite like the result. Maybe I' ll try it with watercolours in the future.

    Thanks for sharing your inspirations!

  • SVS OG

    @Taru Good luck with working on your color. I'll be posting a master study soon.

  • @tamisha Hey 🙂 Yours looks great too!
    I really like the first one from Brian Ajhar. Should have put the artists on mine too ^^.
    Let me know when you post your study!

  • SVS OG

    I noticed a pattern in my drawings, that they tend to take on the appearance of either my reference image(s) or the artist I'm studying at the time. I love the dream portfolio idea as well. I have a list of both digital and traditional artists who I admire. I imagine my art will end up being a blend of the two.

    0_1519333538498_DDP 800px.jpg

    0_1519333555051_TDP 800px.jpg

  • SVS OG

    @washu Great dream portfolio! Have you picked one for a study?

  • SVS OG

    @tamisha Thank you. Yeah, I'm leaning towards traditional, and the artist Aeppol. That's the closest to how I'd like my work to look; gentle feeling, tells a story, bright cheerful colors, and a lot of nature involved.
    I think first I need to work on discipline though, as I hardly ever draw anymore. I spend more time writing the stories than I do sketching.

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