• I haven't been able to enter a contest for some time here, but a few thoughts from me: any art contest that's run for free on the personal time of the judge is a good contest. Whenever we enter, we of course all hope we'll win or place, and quite naturally. When I started entering contests, I would get crushed much more easily - it's hard to put your work out there and face rejection repeatedly. I had to switch my mindset. Entering contests, for me, becomes less about competing with the other entrants (though it's a part of it), and more about competing with myself. Did I hit the concept? Did I submit a clean entry I didn't rush on? Am I proud of what I put out there? Is it better then what I did last time? Did I learn something from it and can I grow from there? Competition in this business is stiff, and any work we do to push ourselves to grow, to try something we hadn't before, can't fail to help us in the long run. So let's have fun and take some chances, worry less about the outcome and more about figuring out our process. Congratulations to all entrants for putting yourselves out there. Thanks Lee, and happy creating.

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