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    There are so many neat entries this time! This trading of lunches is called "Fishing."

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  • @juliepeelart this made me giggle

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    This one comes with a background story:
    *Gary the octopus didn't feel very at home in the sea. He was rescued from the beach when he was very little and grew up in a large fish tank at the city aquarium. He met many people every day and enjoyed their smiling faces and pointing fingers on the other side of the glass.

    But one day, the aquarium management decided he had recovered enough, and that he should be set free in the ocean. They scooped him up from the tank with a large fishnet. Gary had tried to cling to a piece of fake coral, but to no avail. That afternoon he was swimming in the ocean again.

    Sadly, none of the other sea creatures seemed all too friendly. The fish raced away when he greeted them and others of his own kind acted like he didn't exist. Even though he enjoyed the space, it was a very lonely existence in the ocean.

    'Maybe things will get better,' he thought. 'Maybe I just need to get used to things.' So he wandered around the ocean floor for another week. But he couldn't seem to make any friends. He missed all those faces and noises he was so used to. He missed being tickled by the sponge of the aquarium cleaner. He missed being acknowledged.

    On a sunny afternoon, just before the sun would dissappear into the ocean, Gary swam to undeep waters and lifted himself on the beach. His long arms flapping in the sand, leaving a messy trail onto the beach. It didn't take long before he was being noticed. He recognised the words "look daddy!" - he used to hear those all the time - and saw a small child come running towards him, dragging its parent behind. In great excitement Gary started waving his arms and tried to hug the kid. But instead of being carried onto land further, he was once again scooped up and thrown back into the sea.

    Didn't anyone understand that he didn't belong here?

    He wasn't about to give up, and threw himself back onto the sandy beach. Wiggling himself towards the two people. He waved one of his arms, like all the children used to do to him when he was behind the glass. The little child waved back enthusiastically. Gary made a small bow, and the child bowed back. Then Gary clapped his tentacles, and so did the child with its hands.
    This was so much better than the ocean!

    He tried to say he wanted to come with them, but the father shook his head.
    'We can't take you,' he said. 'We're not allowed.' Gary lowered his head in defeat. Maybe he did belong in the ocean after all.
    'But,' the father continued. 'I may have a job for you.'

    And so Gary the octopus became the first mollusc window cleaner. He had all the
    freedom he'd had in the ocean, but also those smiling faces behind the glass, always fresh water on hand and his own tickling sponge.

    Finally, he had found a home.*

    I'm not completely happy with it yet, but I'm seeing progress in my work! It was so fun working on this challenge. My first one participating.
    I used this challenge as an exercise for the Creative Composition and Mastering Perspective classes and I can see I've learned a lot! Thanks for all the great content and providing us with such fun challenges.

  • @taru I thought you were talking to me and got very confused. Nice work and story anyhow 🙂

  • @gary-wilkinson Unless you are a window cleaning octupus I was talking about someone else 😛
    But thanks!

  • I see so many great kraken pics here already!
    This one is my Octopus icecream business 🙂 I got inspired by the "Draw 50 things" challenge, so i wanted to create a very detailed illustration.
    I hope I could push this piece a little further thanks to some critique on the forum. ❤



  • Thinking with help of octopus in my mind!

    I decided to use classic composition with small different. This time i imagine octopus (cthulhu) is a ghost of ideas in brain of Lovecraft.

    Tools: iPad Pro +Procreate (6B Draft Pencil Brush and Smoothing Tool)


  • @Johanna-Puhl beautiful work! 🙂

  • @evilrobot hahaha well of course, it's a monthly challenge! What was I thinking

  • Well I think we’ve all been there. Somewhere I have a sketch of like 20 octopi. That’s like 160 tentacles


    Also I
    just want to say also I love SVS and the community we have here.


  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen Thanks! I'm still working on finding my medium, for now water colors seem to be the way to go.

  • @gary-wilkinson superb !!!!

  • 0_1519742045280_JohnNelsonKraken.jpg

    My entry for the February contest. Tons of awesome submissions on here. Great job everyone!

  • Hello everyone, this is my Multitasking Dj Oli the Octopus, I hope you will like it.
    Wish you luck in this monthly contest.
    Keep creating.


  • 0_1519753425734_1CADF2B6-2B83-4ED1-A887-5894DE85338E.jpeg
    ‘’I need another hand!”
    I would appreciate any feedback

  • Free public transport to college 😉

  • SVS OG

    @hopper12 Your illustration has so many fabulous details, I find myself going back over and over and looking for more little treasures in the picture!

  • This post is deleted!

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    @cynthia-bowman I like how you used the spaces in between tentacles to hold things. This is really clever!

  • 0_1519777049780_jakekalsbeekoctopus.jpg
    Here's my entry for the February contest and my first time posting on the forum. I hope I got this right. 😉 Great entries everyone.

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