What do you want to learn?

  • @Shurikan-Animator said:

    I know this is a little bit late, however I really really would like to see some tutorials on creating 3D models in Maya or zbrush. I feel like they can be really useful even when you are just setting up 2D scenes etc. It would help a lot with composition and I am sure there are a lot of people that could help teach it.

    Ah yes. (hope this isn't too off-topic) - I have to laugh at myself. 15 years ago I thought the same thing. Why not use 3D models to help with composition, viewing angle, perspective, and the repetitive drawing of 2D animations - what I great idea! But little did I know, how easily one can get stuck in the extreme time sink of all that is 3D, always struggling with the lack of spontaneity imposed by the extreme technicality of the tools, fighting to produce images that keep the charm of hand drawn, painted, natural media.

    Yes. Here I am, back to reclaim my drawing skills - lost 15 years ago !

    Beware ! You too may get stuck in the dark ooze, never to be seen again !

    And. Yeah. I still think it's a good idea...to use 3D to help with visualization, composition, lighting, etc. for drawing, even though I've yet to actually do it (but I will...I just know it...one of these days).

  • I would like to learn how to make 'small' or short animations. I've tried some in photoshop, but There are way better programs I know, so would like a topic class on that.

  • @Nancy-Gormezano Yea, there is definitely a learning curve. 3D design is something I was planning on learning anyway, I just think it would help a lot with my 2D art as well

  • Sketchup is an ideal program to learn, and it very quick to learn. Its surprisingly powerful..

  • @Steve-Young I have used it a bit, it is awesome for industrial stuff but it is a little limited when you are making more organic structures/creatures.

  • Hi Jake,

    I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you there should DEFINITELY be a STORYBOARDING class on here. Coworkers and I keep coming back hoping you will get one up but it doesn't look like that's the direction you want to go.

    -Elizabeth : )

  • I really agree with @elizzydizzy on the storyboarding! I'm not a professional and am just learning so i may be wrong here but It would not only be a jumping off point into graphic novels/sequential art/animation, but also a really good way of instilling storytelling into composition.

    My 2 pence 🙂

  • You need to get Anthony Holden as an Instructor, stat!

  • @Jake-Parker

    > What artists would you like to see demonstrate their approach or techniques?

    A lot of the classes that I've taken, I hear Will Terry mention Brett Helquist quite a bit and how you both know him (from what I gather). Do you think we could get a class from him on how he works traditionally? I know a lot of people would really enjoy a class with him, even if you just had him as a guest speaker!
    What I want to know most about working traditionally are the following:
    -How to put work into a digital format
    -Sizes acceptable to work in for publishing
    -How he goes about making changes if the Art Director/Editor doesn't like the finished product
    -How he gets his work to the publisher
    -Use of mediums, and how his style came about

    He's also one of my all time favorite artists, so if this existed I'd pretty much be the happiest person on the planet.

    Who else would want to see this?

  • I don't know how many people share this aspiration, but in addition to making art I'd love to one day teach art. Maybe this is just something you figure out as you teach yourself, but I would be interested in a class on teaching art--how you create your videos and tutorials, ways to explain concepts, etc.

  • How accurate is the calendar? I know that the inking course was supposed to drop on 26th August but didn't, and Will said a David Malan class is coming soon and that's not on the calendar, so should we assume the calendar is cold-hearted liar? lol.

    What people have said about the business side of freelance is good - I like that idea 🙂


  • @Jake-Parker I would like to learn more about anatomy, so maybe an anatomyclass? I see that a lot of us artists struggle with that, and although a lot of 'how to draw's' are captured in the different classes that are already there, it would be great to do a classical class about this subject. I love the compostion class, it helps me a lot wile creating childrens books. Love to learn more about that as well. Last but not least Tyler Carter is one of the artists I really find very inspiring for learning how to draw digitally. Thanks for the inking class. as a left handed person its not easy to use pen and ink, so this class is a great inspiration to continue learning.

    Thanks again for all the effort you , @Will-Terry @Lee-White @Aaron and all the others are putting in this art school. Its great to be a part of this great community!

  • @Jake-Parker I would also like to learn anatomy.

    And I think @Lee-White should do a watercolour class where he shows working with it traditionally, but then commission @Naroth-Kean to present in the class as well how he does his digital watercolour technique.

  • Anatomy is something I want to know and learn, I know it isn't story telling but it is super important for an artist I think

  • Just subscribed earlier this week and already learning so much! You guys are great!

    1.What do you want to learn?
    I really want to learn how to paint beautifully in Photoshop.

    2.What class or classes would you like to see in the future?
    I really want to see a series of anatomy classes.

    3.What class have we done already that you'd like to learn more on?
    In the Character design class I would like to see a start to finish demonstration, from prompt to thumbnails, all the way to finish. I would like to know more about the overall process.

    P.S. I would love to have workbooks for each class, like the ones that come with Creative Environment Design

  • @Alec-Wilson This should get you there with the painting 🙂 https://svslearn.com/#/classDetail/-Jj33gc1k_Zx6wSU_GZZ


  • Human and animal anatomy is what I would really like to learn. Bone structure, muscles and how they function etc...

  • I am kind of late to the game on this, but here are some of my thoughts...

    1. I really like the idea of a class on effects (smoke, fire, etc) as well. I think a course specific to weather would be really cool too (scenes with snow, rain, wind, etc) especially with regard to colors and lighting.
    2. You can never have too many character design classes. You could get specific like fantasy, villains, anthropomorphic animals, etc.
    3. Anatomy, especially heads, hands, and feet.
    4. Doing art for games...pixel art, tiles, character turnarounds
    5. Course about self-publishing
    6. Some artists I love and would like to see featured on this site....Skottie Young, Robb Mommaerts (RobbVision on DA), Brett Bean (Brett2DBean), Sean Galloway (Cheeks-74), Mike Henry (Zatransis), Kshiraj Telang (kshiraj)

  • Cool guys, keep the suggestions coming. We are talking about upcoming video production all the time. : )

    • cover design tips for story and illustrated books
    • mixed media illustration
    • narrative styles or techniques
      maybe some art talk or history of children illustration

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