Where to get Portfolio reviews?

  • Greeting all,

    I apologize if this question has already been asked, if it has by all means send me a link ^_^

    I'm look to get a Online or face to face (UK) Portfolio review done. But trying to get a straight answer as to where or who to get one done through, has been impossible, so i thought i'd start asking around. Also what sort of prices should i expect to pay for a portfolio review?

    My aim is to get this done in a few months time once I've made my current portfolio stronger. Any advice will be welcomed

    Many Thanks

  • SVS OG

    I think that Lee White had something going on where he gives critiques etc.a while ago but I don't knwo if he's still doing it or where the info is. Mayeb you can message him?

  • Giuseppe Castellano offers a one-hour portfolio review through his website, The Illustration Department. I've never done that one, but I've done a quick 10 minute review with him at the Austin SCBWI conference, and I felt like his feedback was frank but encouraging and helpful. Here's a link: https://illustrationdept.com/
    Hope that helps! Good luck! 🙂

  • I know schoolism has a portfolio review with Craig Mullins, but it's very limited, 2 people are accepted each time it's offered, its curated who is accepted, and and I believe it's about $1000 usd.

    Something I want to try some day, is Stephen Silver's mentorship, check it out here, it's 30 mins for 30 usd. He is such a great teacher, listen to his talks on YouTube if you haven't.


    Those are a couple I know off the top of my head, good luck. 🙂

  • @nizhoniwolf Hi Bonnie, We have been talking about offering this as a service here at svs...we haven't put the feelers out there yet to see how many people would be interested in it... we're trying to do a lot of things right now but this one is important...hopefully we'll have an answer soon.

  • I'm hoping SVS will offer this soon, but until then you can get a recorded version of a portfolio website review from Marco Bucci. The cost I believe is $100 US. I just had paid for a paint over and review of some of my work through his website and I was very happy with how detailed and professional the videos were. Each review was over an hour long and also included extra videos from some of his classes to reinforce the information.

  • Thank you everyone for your wonderful reply's i really appreciate it!

    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen I just about to send Lee a msg when i saw Will(Terry) replied to this thread. Theres hoping that they do decide to do reviews as apart of their services 🙂

    @beckporter Many thanks, that's definitely worth a look!

    @Kelanhordos Schoolisum is another one of those great art communities, but sadly $1000 is not something i can realistically afford any time soon 😕

    @Will-Terry , I think you are 100% right, it is important. And for many reasons, but for many of us, we just want to know where we currently are (artistically) and where we need to improve most, especially if (Like me) you have very little money to spend on classes/subscriptions. Also (as a stay at home mum) i have very little time at the moment, so knowing where best to focus my energy is important to me right now.

    My current plan of action is to build a portfolio (Since re watching your youtube vid on what to put in one I've culled pretty much everything! not because everything in it was necessarily 'bad' but because next to none of it was useful for a portfolio...if that makes sense?) Get a good review on my current skills and where i can improve. I'm also hoping to have saved up any spare pennies to afford a years subscription to SVS so i can start/continue to better myself as/after i work on my portfolio.

    @rcartwright Another great one to check out thank you!

    Thanks again everyone i really appreciate it!

  • @nizhoniwolf - We'll talk about it in our meeting today...the portfolio reviews...

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