madness and macs and cintiqs...

  • in a fit of madness I am considering buying an iMac. Moving everything over from windows. Cintiq users! If i look at 22hd, will I be able to have two seperate screens running (that is, the iMac showing one display and the cintiq showing another?)
    And does the cintiq play nicely with the iMac?
    Or am I better sticking with windows?

  • I no longer have a tablet screen but to answer your questions -

    Yes, you can run as two monitors.

    Cintiq has no issues with an iMac but you will need an adapter to connect it to the mac. I belive you can purchase this right from Wacom.

    Mac and Windows are the same price when compared for machines outfitted with the same components. Since Mac computers are mid range and up you can't compare to bargain basement windows.

    The iMac (not iMac Pro) should be due for an update this year. However, every mac computer I have purchased has been an Apple refurb which can save you hundreds of dollars and still carries the full Apple Warranty.

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    Confirming as well. The iMac can run its own screen and the CIntiq, no problem. You’ll need the adapter, but it’s easy to procure.

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    Just my two cents, but I quite like my Windows desktop (disclaimer - my engineer husband built me a custom machine). I've used Adobe products on both Macs and Windows and performance is almost identical. I actually find the Macs a little annoying to use and a bit slow but I'm probably out of practice with them - they have that weird mouse, and the keyboard shortcut button is slightly off where it is on Windows machines. Anyway, I think it mostly comes down to personal preference. I don't think one is better than the other in the objective sense.

  • iMacs are beatiful and perfect for designers. A PC rig (depending on your budget) can be really, really powerful, allowing you to work on bigger canvas with more layers, textures, secondary process, etc. On the software side there isn't really all that much of a difference. You're likely gonna work on PS either on iOS or Windows, right? In the end is just about personal preference.

  • brill, thank you everyone.
    the reasoning for jumping to mac is 1) always wanted to 2) always had problems with windows and every couple of months having to be a computer geek 3)having had ipads and now an ipad pro, and iphone which was well over 6 years before it gave up and a 5s which has never frozen (unlike my sons, and wife's phones...) i am wondering if the whole apple thing might not be a bad move...
    even with the annoying keyboard and mouse design, and over the odds peripherals!

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    It´s really mostly a habit thing, I believe. I have always preferred Mac operating system (windows file management drives me nuts), but I have worked with both, loved and hated both and had my share of problems with both (two hard-disk crashes with Macs and once had to swap out both graphic cards and had one week`s downtime in the middle of a project. And several blue screens, black screens and all sorts of crashes with Windows, of course). Macs look prettier ;-). I have reached performance limits with both - especially when I was doing motion graphics and 3D. It the video and 3D world there is a strong bias towards windows, which makes me think that it´s possible to get faster and more powerful with windows (I have never built my own machine, just worked with whatever they gave me). In the design world, everybody works with Macs....
    My personal household is all on Macs, mainly for the ease of exchanging and synchronizing across all mobile and desktop (I love airdrop!) and because I prefer Mac OS and I love their design sensibility - but yes, the price difference is there and there are not that many strong reasons for either choice.

  • @smceccarelli i will be getting SSD anyway. I've had far less problems with my windows computer since I went that way. Sometimes updates can make drivers unstable for hardware. So everything updates seperately.

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