Some Inktober Work

  • Hey there everyone, havent posted since I introduced myself, hope I can become more involved. So this past inktober was my first, and I thought I would post some of what I did as an introduction to my art. I took the official prompt list and decided to go with a samurai/feudal japan theme. You can check out the rest on my instagram if you are interested. I would love any critiques or feedback, I felt I learned a lot and it was great fun.

    A practice pic from before Inktober
    0_1517105329794_Inktober Day1.jpg
    0_1517106046672_Inktober Day6.jpg
    0_1517106052747_Inktober Day7.jpg
    0_1517106057636_Inktober Day8.jpg
    0_1517106062882_Inktober Day11.jpg
    0_1517106070376_Inktober Day14.jpg
    0_1517106076580_Inktober Day16.jpg
    0_1517106082302_Inktober Day18.jpg
    0_1517106088000_Inktober Day26.jpg
    0_1517106092853_Inktober Day29.jpg
    0_1517106099303_Inktober Day30.jpg
    The Day After Inktober
    0_1517106104077_Inktober Final.jpg

    Thanks for checking it out. Looking forward to being more active on here and learning from everyone.

  • Some awesome work there, really love the "crooked" one 😃

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @kelanhordos Great work and welcome! You have some really cool work on your instagram. Looking forward to seeing more.

  • Ah wow, I love how clean your brush strokes are, and how each inktober feels so much different from each other, despite being the same overall theme. Thanks for sharing!

  • Welcome Kelan! I'm a Japanophile too! Good stuff! I have done Inktober for the last three years; you really do learn a lot as you do it.

  • Thanks everyone. 🙂

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